Justice for Kashmiri Pandits

The Indian Judiciary recently refused to hear the plea filed by an organisation representing Kashmiri Hindus. The Pandits of Kashmir were ethnically cleansed in 1989-1990. 215 FIRs for murder were filed with an estimated 700+ killed/raped/molested.

Human rights of the Hindus of Kashmir also matter. Please sign this Petition asking for a re-hearing of the Plea or an investigation so that the guilty (who still freely roam J&K) can be brought to Justice.

An initiative to correct our Education System

On Wednesday February 24, Union Minister for Human Resource Development Mrs. Smriti Irani spoke in the Lok Sabha on the debate on the recent events in Hyderabad and Delhi universities. Among other things, Mrs. Irani read passages from Class IV and Class VI textbooks, approved by the previous UPA regime, which are factually incorrect, distort history, and paint India in poor light