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August 2017 News Links


Srimad Bhagvatam with Commentary

Krishna flute Music by Hariprasad Chaurasia

P.V.R.K.Prasad Passes Away

Sufism and Khusro summed up

North East India Indigenous Groups Conference

“Colonel Purohit’s Case-Did UPA Manufacture Political Conspiracy Of ‘Hindu Terror’?”

“Lenovo Caught (3rd Time) Pre-Installing Spyware on its Laptops”

China denying required Hydrological Data to India. Assam Floods?

Risk of Himalayan War rising between India and China

“Govt fears Chinese phonemakers may be stealing info, sends them notice”

Cambodia kicks out meddling NGO

Hurricane Harvey strengthens, threatens US with most powerful storm in 12 years

The BRICS Are Beginning to Crumble

“Can Anything Stop Rural Decline?”

Row between Macedonia and Serbia


Baahubali signals a revolt against Cultural Marxism in Indian cinema

Promoting the Rajasthani language

Wedding in Garhwal

Sacred Mahimnapar Sutras from Kashmir

Are you a non-Kannadiga & want to learn spoken Kannada? Here is a free e-book  

No Beef in Vedas!

 “Composite culture”

“Cultural Appropriation of Holi by Hipsters”

“Hindi beats Mandarin comfortably as the most spoken language globally.”

Bengaluru micro-brew adds Ragi

Chennai Art Festival

Learning history as fact, and not fiction

TTD’s ‘Pothana Bhagavatham’ book


Uttarakhand faces risk in War with China

ABCD of Telugu Cinema

Venkaiah Naidu elected VP of India

Venkaiah Naidu: A South Indian Who Loves Hindi

Supreme Court denies Justice to Kashmiri Pandits

BJP to alter 35A on Permanent Residents in J&K

 “Panel examines inclusion of Tulu, Kodava in Eighth Schedule: Kiran Rijju”

 “Who is Tanuji Malusare?”

Neem works its magic on urea

Telangana moves to total segregation. First Dalit only University

Was Nizam really Secular?

India’s nuclear power promise is fading

Homegrown Nuclear Power for India

Why Indian business leaders are soon likely to find themselves at the edge of ruin

India’s farmers spending more than they Earn

“India’s Groundwater crisis”

“Nun faces arrest for child trafficking, abuse and conversion racket in orphanage”


Plight of the Pakistani Hindu

 “Can Nepal be another Switzerland?”

Sri Lanka gives majority stake in Hambantota port to China


China Ready for ‘War’ With India

PRC Propaganda & Mendacity coming to Light

A Mountain of Debt: Is China’s Economy Going To Crash?

“North Korea’s 2nd ICBM test puts much of US in range: Experts “

Indo-Japanese North South Trade Corridor

Iraqi Clerics Fuel Dispute Over Kurdish Independence


 Venezuela: This Is What Life Is Really Like In A Post-Collapse Society

In Kenya, an Electorate Divided by Tribe

The False Idol of Modern Sports in America

Plight of the Indigenous Canadian

British Empire’s Dirty Secrets covered up

Ukrainian women trafficked as brides

 “Microchip implants for employees”

Laser Weapons a Reality

Prudence: Calculated & Wise Risk Taking

July 2017 News Links


Ram Nath Kovind will be India’s next President, garners over 7 lakh votes

Qualities that make one Divine

“Water Crisis looms over Telangana”

“Appropriation of Hindu Culture”

Cultures being erased in the name of Global Monoculture

Temple Priest attacked in Haryana by Razakars

Letter from a Hindu Girl

10 self defence key points

From farmer’s son to President, Ram Nath Kovind’s story is Dalit empowerment

“Truth beyond the Brotherhood”

India’s consumer caste  

“20 million Bangladeshis are reliably estimated to have slipped into the country”

Ladakh’s Sonam Wangchuk

“Future Wars will be Complex”

“China ready to attack India, claims Mulayam in Lok Sabha“

China’s Bhutan Land grab aimed at Bigger Target

Gilgit-Baltistan: Part of POK Forgotten by India

How Iran capitalizes on its Culture

Grenfell Tower: A Symbol of Broken Britain

“The First Reversal of Urbanization”

New Natural Meat Substitute: “Jackfruit is the new Kale”

The Limits of “Science as Basis for Truth”

On the impact of Elite self-selection and Cultural Capital on Education


BHU Literary Festival

Harappa Curry same as Modern Curry

Students taught in Mother Tongue perform Better at Primary School Level

 “Telugu cinema gradually taking over mainstream Bollywood films in terms of business”

“There is an absence of India in Indian discourse”

Saathi: Healthcare startup makes biodegradable pads from banana fiber

The Case against Sugar

“#SavitriShaming and how drinking harms women”

Cultural Marxism

Bonalu Festival Celebrated


 “World’s Biggest Solar Power Plants. Kurnool Ultra Mega Solar Park 1000 MW at top”

How a farmer’s son took to the badminton court and emerged champion

“Once Walked Door-to-Door Selling Coal Now Moves in Convoy of Audi & Mercedes”

100 Days of CM Yogi in UP

Rohingyas being settled in Jammu and other Parts of India

Communal Violence breaks out Again in West Bengal. Mamta under scanner

“Indian Pak spy who implicated other Indian army officers confess his guilt & wrong doing”

It’s time India use Trade against China

Theft in Sri Padmanabha Swami Temple

Indian Nurse from Karnataka pushed in to Saudi slavery


Bangladeshi remittances home total nearly $13 bn

Bhutan slams China on PLA Border Violation and Road Construction

Sindhi Hindu Protests against Pak

Jamaati Radicalism increasing in Maldives Tourist Haven

“Portuguese ruined Jaffna”

Sri Lanka government to go ahead with drafting Constitution enabling autonomy to Tamils


Israel, India sign seven agreements across sectors

Obscuring its aggression against Bhutan, China has conflated 3 issues to focus on India

“Iran Guards chief calls Saudi ‘terrorist state'”

Qatar, isolated by neighbours, plans gas output boost

Conflict Brewing in South China Sea


Joint Statement from meeting of President Trump and Prime Minister Modi

US warns China on trade with NKorea if it wants US trade

Lungu invokes emergency powers in Zambia after market blaze

History of Slavery in Australia

Pro-government militia storm Venezuela congress, injuring lawmakers

Mexican gang war reportedly kills 26

“Why Steve Jobs didn’t let his kids use iPads”

Facebook and Twitter are being used to manipulate public opinion

June 2017 News Links


Venerating the Cow

Odisha’s Raja Parba Festival

“modern girls”

“Mother My Tongue”…a Return to the Kashmiri Language

“Haryana may start Telugu courses for children of Telangana migrants”

Why Goddess Kali Dances on Shiva

GST Basics

Why Outsourcing Prospects to Get worse in Coming years

“How Indian women are trafficked to Saudi Arabia and exploited as sex slaves.”

China’s Military Looks to Future “Intelligentized” Warfare

Mini-Grids for Africa & Asia?

Egypt Is Falling Apart. Will It Explode?

Syrian Air Force Jet downed

Irish Face Up to Brexit Talks With Prime Minister of Indian descent

The U.K. Inches Toward a Security State

“not just the country’s economy&political system that are sick, but society itself”

Evidence Based Psychiatry

Is tipping a hoax?

Fossil Fuels are now “Legacy”


‘Ancient Indian knowledge taken out, plagiarized’

The lost Sanskrit treasures of Tibet

“Don’t use caste to erase Indian Civilization”

The Biggest Indian Movie isn’t from Bollywood

IIT Kanpur chooses Indian-wear for Convocation

Kadapa Kaaram dosa


NDTV Case-Against Freedom or Against Fraud?

India cancels plan for coal plants as solar at record lows

Why India went Nuclear

Pro-Khalistan slogans raised in Golden Temple complex

UPSC Topper from Kannada Medium

Acute Water Scarcity in parts of Odisha

CBN: ‘Congress Must Apologise to People’

Emphasizing the Environment in Telangana

 AMU & Secular Hypocrites

Foreign Expertise & India’s Jets

“Coolest Geeks in India”


Nepal’s Ex-Maoist Child Soldier Shares Plight of His 3,000 Peers

Colombo-Kashi Flight supported by Sri Lanka

Attacks continue in Kabul


China gets its own Nalanda

PRC’s Road Initiative ‘like a Colonial Enterprise’

‘A Liberal Triumphs in South Korea: Who Is Moon Jae-in?’

Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates cut diplomatic ties with Qatar


Gold Surges, Global Stocks Slide As “Super Thursday” Risks Loom

“Trump Understands That ‘The West’ Is Broken”

“Understanding the h1-b visa”

Silicon Valley in Rural America?

“Are the UK Polls Skewed?”

Gentleman’s Agreement in Nigeria

Intervention in Venezuela?

“Armageddon Approaches”

Blockchain the new Linux? Or something else?

Stephen Hawking: ‘Greed and Stupidity is what will End the Human Race’

The Incompetence Doctrine

“researchers reprogram genetic code to create digital circuitry inside living cells”

May 2017 News Links


The real meaning of being a Brahmin

“Sri Ramanuja: The Great Integrator”

Mother Tongue or English? What should be the Language of Education?

IIT Kharagpur to start ‘Vastu Shastra’ classes for architecture students

Singapura brings home Sanskrit’s wide influence

“KT IAS officer who was killed mysteriously was going to expose massive scam in food”

Five Families from Kerala join ISIS

India Headhunters: 200,000 Engineers to be laid off Annually for Next 3 years

Nepal PM Prachanda resigns

India & Japan pushback against OBOR

“Slave Husbands of Hong Kong”

Border heats up

“Survey Shows A Majority Of European Youth Would Participate In Uprising”

Blockchain consortium raises 107 Million

“8 Reasons to deactivate your Facebook Account”

Spiritual Crisis, Modern Economy

“What Nassim Taleb Can Teach Us”


“536 million users to log onto the Internet in Indian languages by 2021”

Baahubali Facts via Video

Story of Princess Charumati  requesting Maharana Raj Singh of Mewar to rescue her

Ramanujacharya’s 1000th Birth Anniversary

“Influence of Indian Music on Jazz”

“Current Conflict is between Global and Local”

“Mahakali aids the process by destroying the recalcitrant & untransformable”

Indians mocked for charcoal as tooth powder by the very same ppl who are using it today

“Why Paranjape Is Wrong”


 Baahubali crosses 700 crores!

“horror story from Saudi Arabia: Hyderabad woman sold…for Rs 3 lakh, faces torture

Telangana : State Funding Of Religious Instruction

Andhra Pradesh Tourism Video

“Be ready for war: Indian Air Force chief to commanders”

Merits of Millet

“Kerala fertile ground for Love Jihad & ISIS”

Pak-sponsored Khalistani atrocities

Centre “promoting Hindi, not imposing it”

The Story of Aadhar

What students are really learning at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU)

10 Things to Do when you are in Imphal

‘Why the India US nuclear deal is turning out to be a dud’

Mixed record of Moneylenders

Plight of Indian Farmers


How Bangladeshi Hindus are treated

Sri Lanka keen to boost economic ties with India: Ranil Wickremesinghe

Exploitation of Nepal

Nepal and China Conclude Military Drills


Turkmenistan’s Ongoing Gas Quandary

“Concern over New Security Law in Japan”

Japan “reverse-engineering itself” out of existence

Sino-Russian Cooperation on North Korea


Sub-Prime 2.0: Is This The Needle That Will Burst the Bubble?

“War between US & China a practical Reality”

Largest Gold Mine Ever?

“A Decade of Economic Destruction”

“Climate change pronouncements by Nostradamuses of science”

Macron: European Union Must Reform or Face Possible ‘Frexit’

“Gambia Faces a Severe Task”

How the Like Button ruined Facebook

How to keep an Introvert at Work

Are you an Extrovert-Introvert?

Oxford Comma Case: Why Punctuation Matters

April 2017 News Links


Actor Abhay Deol roasts SRK & co for fairness cream ads

Telangana’s expanded Reservations “not grounded in facts”

“Millets win-win option for the farmers and consumers”

Protecting and preserving native games

“Ajmer blast: Clean chit for Sadhvi Pragya, Indresh Kumar”

Small-scale Organic farming the best way to feed the World

Karnataka Dry Summer without Monsoon

Ban against Cow slaughter: Need for a Constitutional Mandate

How Indian scientists detect Solar Storms

“Solar flare spewing from mega hole in the Sun could cause blackout mayhem”

“Is your Job Robot-ready?”

Japan’s labor shortage imperils economic growth

Sri Lanka to offer India port development opportunity

“Nuclear Power’s Original Mistake”

“Rainwater storage can ease local water shortages”

Thousands of fish found dead in Rewalsar lake in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh

Harvard Psychologist: “ADHD largely a Fraud”

“Pharmaceutical giant planned to destroy stocks of cancer drugs to force price hike”

Medieval London was Disgusting

“Reasons to Deactivate Facebook”

“Companies start implanting microchips into workers’ bodies”  


Swadeshi Indology

“How harmful is Ajinomoto?”

“Sri Ramayana, Epic as a Poetry”

“I, Krishnadevaraya”-“An Emperor smitten”

National Filmfare Awards

On Kalidasa’s Meghaduta

Carnatic Classical Instruments

Hindustani Vocalist Kishori Amonkar passes away

Why Dharmic Vegetarian is better for you than Western “Vegan”

Why Sastras advise taking cold showers

Telugu Diaspora in South East Asia


“Hyderabad: Biometric attendance devices spark fights”

“Say no to Westinghouse”

New canyon system close to Kovvada

“Non-bailable warrant” against Madhu Kishwar at behest of“Pro-secessionist journalist”

“Akshay Kumar’s idea gets life: Donation portal for [armed forces] martyrs”

The Yogi of Uttar Pradesh

CBI proble against Leela Samson for Kalaakshetra irregularities

“Why Indian ‘intellectuals’ seem to hate native Indic culture”

Dhoni’s Aadhar info Leaked

Aadhar Secure for Citizens?

H1B Applications Cap Reached

Assam to make Sanskrit mandatory

North East India’s most Scenic Village

Rohingyas in Jammu set off Alarm Bells

40,000 Rohingya entered India illegally, “being trained as terrorists: MP”

“Portuguese India & Mughal Relations” claims Jodhabai was in fact a Portuguese woman

“a cultural centre highlighting Maharashtra’s culture and pride should be built.”

Author says, enough of Foreign Saviours

Soviet spooks in 80s India


“Migrant workers exploited en route to Arab Gulf”

Nepal Govt withdraws Constitutional Amendment

Truth Commission to be Setup in Lanka

Bangladesh PM Gets Warm Welcome in India

“New Cold War Politics in Afghanistan”


“China’s high-speed rail vision“

“War with China a Practical Reality”

Russia warns of Serious Consequences for Syria Strike

“North Korea Lashes out at US Fleet Move”

Japan to Counter-act N.Korea

“Vietnam’s Left Behind Urban Migrants”

World’s Tallest Solar Tower in Israel

Brazil & Indonesia sign Defense Pact


Global Debt now 215 Trillion Dollars

The Degree that Rules Britain

“Corruption costs EU ‘up to €990 billion a year'”

“Break up the Liberal City”

Book that predicted the Morphing of the Left

“Amusing Ourselves to Death”

How French Intellectual ruined the West

Spiritual Crisis in the Modern Economy

Africa & China: The Real Story

Hardcore Fundoo Suburbs sprout in France

“Soon printing Solar cells will be the Cost of a Newspaper”

“The Algorithm is watching You”

March 2017 News Links


Cultural “Talent, not Tokenism”

SPB-Ilaiyaraja Royalty row

Global Bharatiya diaspora conference in Trinidad

Sirpur more Developed than Harappan Township

 “Aadhar to be made mandatory for filing I-T return, applying for PAN card”

“Dead and Dying Rivers of Meghalaya”

India’s place in the Emerging Solar Alliance

ED to Question Sekhar Reddy

Unjust Sectarian Funding in Telangana

BJP worker”hacked to death in Bengaluru”

UP Has Spoken: “No More Kairanas”

Bangladesh “No Hindus will be left after 30 years”

“Deconstructing Pakistan’s Strategic Culture”

Water as Weapon

“Not with our Daughters”

Nun & Priest accused of covering up case surrender in Kannur

Syrian army sends reinforcements to Hama province

Winds of War Are Blowing on Israel’s Borders

Fragmentation in the Netherlands

French prosecutors want Central Africa abuse case dismissed

Be careful with these Beauty care Products

The Story on Statins

Facebook’s Townhall Feature


Good advice from the Gita

CNN Show with biased host misrepresents Varanasi as “city of the dead”

Everyday English words that have Sanskrit origins

Kuchipudi Village – Dance Village

The fame of Raagi Sankati

“Record Crowd for Basant Utsav”

Report on Swadeshi Indology conference 2

Bengaluru Fashion Week


Harika Dronavalli wins Bronze at World Chess Championship

More measures for Indians to Stay Safe in US

Telangana Govt. wastes Rs.10,000 crore in funds each year

AP and UP becoming Hub for Smartphone Manufacturing. Externalities?

Tanvi foods processing plant in AP

Taking Music and Meditation Closer

Sufis trying to invent claims on Holi

After Kashmiri Pandit ethnic cleansing, Jammu demographics being changed

India’s Solar Tariff finds new Floor

Hindu Exodus from Assam village

BJP to Stake Claim in Manipur

Amit Shah to pick UP CM

Parrikar appointed Goa CM

“When will India start celebrating its non-cricketing heroes?”

Campus violence ominously similar to pre-strife Syrian Varsity Unrest

Avalanche Threat in Himachal

Home minister honours fallen jawans from Sukma


Nepal’s Blue Gold

Pakistan’s Baloch Insurgency

Seychelles bans plastic bags and plates


“A rising power with no allies”

Vietnam’s South China Sea Strategy

Hun Sen’s Crackdown in Cambodia

Japan to offer Saudi aid in shift from Oil-dependent Economy

Russia to export jets to Serbia amid Balkan tensions


“Guidelines for Indians to stay safe in US”

NYTimes:”Fears of a Deep State in America”

$4.1 Trillion in Consumer Debt. Collapse?

“Britain’s repugnant ruling class”

“Allegations shake Catholic Church in Italy”

“Europe must plan to Defend itself”

Malian government, armed groups to return authorities to north

Venezuela’s Crisis, Measured By Drastic Weight Loss

Brief history of Blockchain

“Vernacular Building Techniques that are Disappearing”

February 2017 News Links


Tollywood better than Bollywood

Art Grabs Global Attention

Festive Facts – All about Thaipusam

A Tradition of National Sacrifice

India’s Solar Capacity Crosses 9GW

Why Indians Abroad Must be careful: Engineers Shot in US

India’s ‘Brand Ambassador’ Purchased by Peugeot

Child Immunization drive in India

Sena wins BMC Elections

Kejriwal “keeps Votebank”

“Assault on Kerala Hindus”

USA Today: “Pakistani Hindus lose daughters to forced Muslim marriages”

“China’s Post-Cold War Strategies”

Who are the real experts?

“The End of Identity Liberalism”

Great danger of Tactical N Weapons

Italy splits into Oblivion

Angola says Portugal decision to charge vice president a ‘serious attack’


English Language Nationalism

Human Cycles of History


Study of National Character

Buy from your local bookstores and you could end up saving more than one business

Visakha Book Fair

Amaravati Global Music & Dance Festival from Feb 10-13th

Queen Naikidevi of Gujarat

Bollywood Hypocrites

Padmavati: The symptom of sinister maladies

“Veena’s Whiz Kid”

Language Extinction


Hyderabad: Tech students arrested in ‘printed’ Rs 2,000 note scam

Telangana govt to launch exclusive IT SEZ for minority industrialists

 India’s tallest Sky Tower to come up in Vizag

National Women’s Parliament, with theme of ‘Empowering Women’, begins in AP


Post-Chennai: How oil spills are controlled across the world?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

“Remembering Satyendranath Bose”

“Narayana Murthy’s advice contradicts how he made his own money”

“Islamic banking to start in Gujarat: What is it all about?”

Fundamentalists Stop Saraswati Puja in W.Bengal

“Our Future if we Don’t Wake Up”

Violence in Nagaland: Modi backs CM Zeliang; asks protesters to maintain peace

Why Indians need Original thinking not just Read and “Copy-Paste”

“India Vaccination Program cuts links with Bill Gates Foundation over conflict of interest”

Spy ring for Pak busted


Nepal Local Polls to Begin

Referendum on Sri Lanka’s new Constitution

POK Locals stage protest against Islamabad’s atrocities

“Every day, 20 Pakistani Hindus girls are seized by gangs and forced to marry Muslims”


Fukushima’s Nuclear Plant Reactor Still Leaking high amount of Radiation

Can Tibet’s Non-violence work against Communism?

Information Sharing in the Indo-Pacific

“China’s Debt-Trap Diplomacy”

World’s Tallest Solar tower in Israel

“Assad calls torture report Fake News”

Ukraine, Russia, and Recent Fighting


“World leaders duped by Global Warming data”

Britain Funding “Propaganda War”

“War between U.S. & China a Practical Reality”

Venezuela Health Crisis

Sudan’s buried past

Ten Things that Require Zero Talent

“Multiple Multiverses May be One and the Same”

“Amusing Ourselves to Death”

Spiritual Crisis of the Modern Economy

10 things the middle class won’t tell you

AI Software Learns to Make AI Software

January 2017 News Links


Odisha’s Civilizational connection with Indonesia

Puneet Issar on Stage

Gudiya Sambhrama:The Bengaluru Temple Dance festival! Jan 21-Feb 19. 

Carnatic Music Fusion of Thyagaraja Keerthana

“Telangana government to bring bill for 12% quota for Muslims”

Kashmiri Pandit exodus: Convert, leave or be killed

“Death of Hindu preacher due to Kejriwal’s friendship with radicals: Sukhbir Singh Badal“

The Confused Modern Hindu

“Modern” Indians dumping parents in retirement homes

Private sector Defence contracts

“expose by NIE on how Sonia was ruling India without responsibility.”

Asia on the Natural Disaster Frontline

Chinese Tech, India PC buyers

US concerns grow over Chinese chip expansion

“A bleak Winter for Communism”

Russia-NATO cat and mouse games to escalate?

Victorian exploitation of poor girls isn’t included in history

“From Parsee Priests to Profits”

Story of the Roma: Europe’s Most Discriminated Group

“Conspiracy theorists think Cern scientists are about to unleash ‘hell on Earth'”

When people lose sense of the sacred, everything goes


TTD translation of Gita into English

Sikhs revive 10th Guru’s history on his 350th Birth Anniversary

Assam and the need to Restore Folk Mediums

Musical Slokas for Children

Gautamiputra Satakarni Trailer

Rudra manifested during Ati Rudra yagya in Pune

“Developing Indianness is a part of making stronger India”

Homage in the honor of Late Dr Mangalampalli Balamuralikrishna

The Ratna Simhasana used by the Vijayanagara emperors

Telugu is at least 2400 years old

Jangarh Singh Shyam was 1st Gond artist to use  canvas

Odissi Event in Pune


TS second in farmers’ suicides

“Most Comprehensive” Database…on Public?

English medium to replace Telugu in Andhra Pradesh Municipal Schools

Strategic Approach for India’s Global Trade

Malegaon Coverup

“Uni can provide an outline, to give the learner a direction. The rest one has to do”

Earthquake Jolts Tripura

Remembering Veerapandiya Kattabomman

“Why Right to Education Act is Evil”

“How Green was my Bengal”

Testimonials on Ayurveda Doctor treatment of Cancer

“Battle of Colachel: A Forgotten Hindu Victory”

“Dangal box office collections: Something wrong? Cinemas hardly full”

Bad intentions behind Jallikattu ban?

Over 260 buildings including 35 schools damaged during unrest in Kashmir

Kashmiri Hindus still in Exile, but foreigners being Imported

“Beef-eating Dalits, where are they?”

Nungshiba Dolls Have Become a Means of Empowerment For Naga Women


Interview of Former MP of Nepal

Nepal’s cultural properties being trafficked

“Two Front War is Real Scenario”

Pakistan’s Mian Mithu

Humans settled in Tibet at least 7,400 years ago: study


Lanka rally against lease in Hambantota

Leverage on Tibet

Indian Sailors stranded on leaking UAE ships

“What’s the Point in Trying to be Friendly with China”

Indonesia to set up agency to tackle fake news

New Turkey attack kills two as Istanbul gunman hunted


Global Debt Hits 325% Of World GDP, Rises To Record $217 Trillion

“War With Russia?”

Trump vs China: Will things change after inauguration day?

At least 33 killed in Brazil prison: Government

Venezuela’s March Toward Default

Namibia indigenous groups sue Germany for alleged genocide

Harvard Scandal embarrasses alumni

“Women unfit for combat says Marine”

Scientists Model Spread of Zombie Apocalypse

Blockchain externalities

To Win

The Growing Urban-Rural Divide Around the World

The Coming Crackdown On Free Speech

December 2016 News Links


Art for the Soul

Artist Sridhar Poluru from Bhattiprolu

Bammera Pothana’s birthplace in Miserable Condition

Schedule for Chennai Carnatic Festival

Mahalakshmi Ashtakam

Rashtriya Sanskriti Mahotsav at Varanasi

5-day Hindu Spiritual & Service Fair-2016 at Bengaluru

Need to respect Indigenous Culture


The Importance of Self-Respect

Market is full of Genetically Modified Foods

Guntur gears up for Makeover

Rohingyas being settled and Mainstreamed in Telangana

“Telangana youth attempting to join ISIS deported from Turkey”

Cyclone Vardah leaves behind a Trail of Destruction in Chennai

“Contain Zakir Naik for peace and harmony: Centre to tell Tribunal”

Trifurcation may Calm Kashmir

“Decoding China’s Game against India”

“Time to Return to Krishna’s Way”

Balochistan: Pakistan’s Hell on Earth

Bhutan to limit Tourist Numbers

The Indo-Pacific Potential

“Something Wicked this Way Comes”

Italy Proves That Banks Are Not The Risk-Free Fantasy We’re Told

“We’re going to have Financial Chaos”

“Watch Ukraine”

Geert Wilders Warns “Political Revolution Is Brewing In Europe”

Emotional Intelligence: the Skills you weren’t taught

Resilience is not about how much you Endure but how your Recharge


Vedic Culture: As Relevant Today as Ever

7,000 artists from 18 nations for Kuchipudi fest, says Palle

Ideal Acharya

“Mahavira: Emperor of Inner Virtues”

Perugu Ramakrishna: Poetry on a global frontier

“Sanskrit has had profound Impact on World Langauges”

Kanjeevaram makes a Comeback

Dance to a different beat


Cyclone Vardah: Coastal districts on high alert

State committed to promoting Telugu

Rajarshi of Cochin – A Misunderstood Dharmika

I see Modi in my grandfather’s shoes: Narasimha Rao’s grandson

“RSS earns Lok Ninda in ‘Lok Manthan – 2016′”

“Wanted to create Cashless Society”

India promotes digital transactions to encourage cashless economy

Seeing the light but dimly

‘Love Jihad Is Not A Simple Crime, Targets Our Daughters Specifically’–Chetna Sharma

Rohingyas being Settled in Jammu?

KCR’s Palace

“Does India’s Right Wing have any Ideas?”

TN CM Panneerselvam takes office after Jayalalithaa’s passing


Obstruction in Nepal Parliament

“National Hero of Sindh”

“Imagining South Asia without Pakistan”

Why zero coverage for atrocities on Pak Hindus?


India, Vietnam sign civil nuclear pact, three other agreements

“Fukushima power plant’s cleanup fees are now almost double the 2013 estimate”

Why China Thinks It Can Build a Utopian World Order

South Korean parliament votes overwhelmingly to impeach President Park

Syrian government forces press attack in east Aleppo


“Stocks Are Going to Crash”

“The Illusion of Reality”

“Cash Is No Longer King: The Phasing Out Of Physical Money Has Begun”

 Private Debt-Economic Crisis Analysis by former Barclays bank executive

The Colonial Opium Trade’s inheritors


“Colombia defies opponents on Peace Deal”

Senegal calls for U.N. Security Council meeting over Gambia

Urban Agriculture

Be Prepared for a Rainy Day or Emergency

November 2016 News Links


Maharana of Mewar on Udaipur’s Future

“Mughals also colonized India”. Meaning of “Colonization” too Limited.

Translating to Cultural Hegemony

Middle-Class Hinduphobia

Kashmiri Cuisine and the Turnip

Balamurali Krishna: His Life and Legend

“Why India should brace for Unrestricted Warfare”

Richest Indians now own 58% of Wealth

Public stands by Modi over Demonitisation

“India’s Currency Debacle”

“The War on Cash Is Going to Send Gold to $5000 or Higher”

“RBI’s idea to bring Sharia Banking into the fray is deeply flawed”

Documentary on Persecution of Pak Hindus

“Learning from Tragedy”

7.4 Magnitude Earthquake in Japan. Frequency, power increasing?

Earthquake Prep

“Northern Ireland Must Get Special Status Within the EU

Indian-American Nikki Haley picked as US Ambassador to UN

“Individuals and not science make moral judgements”

Worker bees, queen bees have identical genes but are very different

Against “knowingness” and know-it-alls

Global Wealth Update: 0.7% Of Adults Control $116.6 Trillion In Wealth

“The Dark Side” of Dependence on Algorithms

Google’s AI Invented its own Language?

Man’s material pride leading him to gene manipulation?


“Intellectual Yet Idiot”

Telugu Charms its Way

The Ancient Capital of Kumrahar

India needs to better Preserve its Cultural Heritage

Construction of Tribal Museum for Tribal Culture

Bodo Culture

“Building a Worthy Tribe”

Bringing Khadi Back

“Innovation is a Second Language”

A new Framework for Education and Culture

Mythologists – Decoders Of Existing Myths Or Creators Of New Ones?


“Why Telangana is getting divided a second time”

Survivor gives account of Razakars

Another step to “Cashless Society”

Govt Announces Measures to Ease Demonetization Cash Crunch

“How one Indian city is beating Air Pollution”

The Battle for Tata

“Indian Software dies at 17 from Failure to Grasp the Future”

Pawan Kalyan likely to contest from Anantapur

NDTV “Live Coverage put National Security in Jeopardy”

 AAP Is a Myth that is combusting

Man spreads fake story because “he hates Hindus”

Jamaati Terror continues in TN and Kerala

10 Narratives Pushed by Desh Drohis

JNU Hypocrisy

“How Sikkim became the cleanest State”

Israel to Assist India with Cyber Security Plan?


“LTTE: A Failed Christian Conspiracy”

Siva Senai in Sri Lanka

The Price of Pakistaniyat

Hit by surgical strike, Pakistan on overdrive mode with psychological warfare

“Hindu villages come under attack again in #Bangladesh”


Tibet still among world’s best regions in environment: Report

Myanmar probes ‘controversial’ Chinese Dam

“China’s Succession Games”

Is China seeking to make a weapon of water?

Japanese Exceptionalism

Reform or Revolution for Laos?


Rare Supermoon appears across the World

“There is no such thing as western civilization”

Protests in the United States after Election of Trump

5 Indian Origin Political Candidates win in US elections

“Amnesty International’s [Radicalism] Problem”

Fatalities reported in major New Zealand Quake. More to come?

Global rise in STD’s?

“Don’t let the Media control you”

Social Media leading to Psychological Issues

Solar surpasses coal

October 2016 News Links


Sanskrit Learning Channel

PHOTOS: National Tribal Carnival 2016

Astronomical Observatory found in Telangana dating to 5000 BCE

Maoists threaten to target Naidu, Lokesh

AP leading in development of ‘Solar Parks’ across the country

“The Indian prime minister’s response to Pakistani provocations well balanced.”

RTI on Gandhi’s status as “Father of the Nation”

“Karl Marx on india”

“Kshatrani don’t play with Barbie dolls”

Mushkil for Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

India’s Submarine Crisis

“AAP Implodes As Den of Sexual Exploitation”

Gaushala in Palakkad Kerala Gets Death Threats

Give us UCC or Give us…Personal Laws

Tears, temper and tantrums mar Samajwadi Party meet

Pakistan is bluffing about Surgical Strikes 

Human Chain to boycott Chinese Products in India

“Why China made firecrackers can script a dangerous Diwali for you”

BRIC reduced to a Talk Shop

Will Duterte End the US-Philippines Military Alliance?

What a China Hard Landing Means for Vietnam

“why central bankers can’t solve the world’s problems?”

“The truth behind the truth serum “

“Purposelessness” of Modern Humanity

Be wary of breast cancer causing chemicals in beauty products


Bollywood Sleepers

Art of Abhishek Singh

Migrants from India settled in Australia 4,000 years ago

Royal watching in Udaipur

Punjab’s only Sanskrit school charges no fee, provides free accommodation

Nubians believe they are the victims of an “Arabisation” effort to wipe out their culture

Correct version of Raghupati Raghava

Art of the Bubble Economy

Terracotta gems of Bengal


“Army Vs AntiNationals”

Terrorist attack on Baramulla

Surat Business man does charity by hosting wedding for 111 fatherless young women

Here’s why Andhra Pradesh should be on your travel map

Now 30 Districts for Telangana?

Toxic lake near Hyderabad

Exodus of Hindu families from Kairana a reality, finds NHRC probe report

Plot to re-kindle Punjab fire

The Ladakh Paradox

NLF Tripura

“Rise of the Bengal Caliphate”?

Razakars forcibly converting Hindu girls in Kerala

Rohith Vemula committed suicide for personal reasons: govt-appointed panel

Film Executive Cooked up Story of Harassment by Gau Rakshaks

The Real Misogyny

Time Has Come To Break The Government Hold On Education


India-Sri Lanka will sign ETCA by year end

Nepal: Khanal seeks tri-party unity for Constitution implementation

Pakistani atrocities in Balochistan past boiling point

POK protests

New Strategic Reality on Indian Subcontinent?


How Water Scarcity Could Fuel Another Sino-Indian War

South China Sea: China Activates First Desalination Plant on Woody Island

“The Genius of Japanese Civilization”

Taiwan’s White Terror and the Search for Transitional Justice

1st US Warships Port at Cam Ranh Bay Since End of Vietnam War

Bomb blast kills at least 16 Turkish-backed rebels in northern Syria

Iran Guards warn Saudis over Gulf war games


Spain’s 26th Human Tower Competition

Why Colombia’s Peace Deal Failed

Millions urged to flee as Hurricane Matthew nears U.S.

“philanthropy is a social and conventional attitude, a kind of magnified egoism which is not love“

Greed is an Hellish Emotion

“Romanticism about technology, democracy, secularism, science..etc all have ruined us…”

September 2016 News Links


Annual festive treat to rasikas”

Trendy Odisha Fashion

“Tribute to the Master”

Countering Absurd Interpretations of Hinduism

Bollywood having a Crisis. Regional Cinema Better?

Hyderabad Flooding due to Rains

“a war of conquest by money rather than by arms”

“Banks are preparing for an Economic Nuclear Winter”

Race Course Road will now be called Lok Kalyan Marg

AAP a shattered dream

“Is Indian govt ready for zombie attack? Man files RTI”

“Kashmir Not a disputed Territory”

Balochistan remarks causing Earthquakes across the Border

Pakistan rejected UN Security Council Resolution

“Antony responsible for Military’s Plight”

View on Pact

Attack on Army Headquarters in J&K

AFSPA: The Army needs it!

Housing Society Issues

“Muslim couple faces social boycott for protecting Hindu temple”


“Why is media afraid to call them ‘Christian terrorists’?”

A Pennsylvania Town Fights Predatory Water Extraction

Did first Americans take coastal route?

Mega-mergers that affect your food

“Check labels. And read up on ingredients. Eat natural. Eat safe.”

13 Chicago bulls fly to Mumbai to boost milk production in India

Reactionary Philosophy

Solar Industry Braces for Glut


“Globally the Indian art scene has never been so vibrant”

Preceptor as patron of arts

Why Dharma is important even while doing Achara

Problems facing Indian Textbooks

Rakhigarhi and the real age of Sindhu-Sarasvati Civilization

“Everyone has a ‘sacred cow’: Horse slaughter banned in US”

Annual festive treat to rasikas

“Don’t like this temple? Choose another”

“Forget SRK and Salman, Bollywood’s biggest superstar will be Akshay Kumar”


Katha-2015 released with collection of Telugu Short Stories

We won’t accept September 17 as Hyderabad Liberation Day: TRS

Real purpose behind new districts?

PM Modi Agrees to Special Status for AP?

Why India failed at Rio 2016

“Why the higher judiciary Appointment Process Needs Urgent Reform”

SC crossing “lakshman rekha” of hindu beliefs?

“Taming India’s Elite”

The real Azad

“We live with Partition effects on a day to day basis”

Electrification of 1,450 Uttar Pradesh villages under lens

“India To Face Massive Unemployment, Social Unrest Amid Demographic Boom”

“Monsanto Cancels Plan to Launch Next Gen Cotton Seeds in India”

India ready on Cyber crime front?

Policeman Vilas Shinde Murdered, Media plays politics

Self-serving Interpretations of History

Lack of journalistic Ethics in MSM news sites

“Water crisis set to become nightmare for North India”


An Uphill Climb for Nepal’s Prachanda

Balochistan and the Khan of Kalat

“Pakistan army committing tsunami of rights violations, says top Balochistan leader”

Forced conversions in Pakistan: a dark reality

Sri Lanka and Australia’s Strategic Defense Interests


“China must recognise South China Sea ruling”

Xi Jinping’s reshuffle of Key Posts

Redrawing New Silk Road: China ‘to Shift Its Focus to Russia, India’

Ukraine invasion in the offing?

What Happens if North Korea Collapses?


Gabon’s president accuses challenger of fraud, power grab

Brazil President Impeached

Tropical storm Newton makes second landfall in Mexico

Salon Magazine:“The West’s big lie about Mother Teresa”

Amnesty’s “vitriol”

“Brutal truth of the British empire”

“Most intolerant wins”

“The Islamist war against Sikhs is arriving in Europe”

“Don’t Send Your Kid to the Ivy League”

Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies

Prepare for the coming global depression

“All monetary economics theories have collapsed”

August 2016 News Links


Trichur Brothers Carnatic Concert in Chennai, August 18

Indigo Dye: A Recent History

Gautama Buddha Paintings

Sakshi Malik wins bronze to end India’s Rio medal drought

Rio Olympics Medal Count

Guru Gopi made Indian badminton count

Dictorship of Scroll Magazine

Scroll and the Breaking India Nexus

Amnesty International’s relationship with Radicals

Hindu worker hacked to death in Congress Karnataka

Delhi needs dams to replenish groundwater

 “Journalists caught inventing incidents and data around caste atrocity”

Reply to Leftist Fundamentalists

Leftist “Culture”

“Kashmir Separatism is by another name”

Baloch Support Modi’s call. Balochistan to go to UN?

Fukushima radiation-groundwater leak not contained

Starving Subcontinentals stranded in Saudi Arabia

Comparison of Chinese and American Military Cultures

America’s Drug Epidemic

Brexit and Rushing to Exit

EU Special Status to UK?

“German minister says nothing to regret about report alleging Turkey a hub for Islamists”

“Venezuela crushes 2,000 guns in public, plans registry of bullets”

“What good are Hedge Funds?”


Journey up the Seven Hills

An Evening for the Emperor of Tales

Handloom Initiatives in Andhra

The wonder kid of Odissi.

Hindu Spiritual and Service Fair a Success

Brahmaputri’s Daughters of Assam

Assam’s Nati Dance on the Path to Regaining Respect

Veteran Marathi Actor Nandu Pol passes away

Krishna Pushkaralu this month


Massive Nuclear Plant Push in Andhra Pradesh endangers coast

Telangana partners with ISRO to monitor water resources

KCR expects a windfall from Modi during his maiden visit to TS

AP Govt and Tirumala Surplus Funds

Gujarat’s New CM

The scholar PM

Restoring Bharat

Securing the Indus Water Treaty

The Making of Indian Diplomacy

India’s “bitterest enemy”

Arabization of Kerala

Communal colour to violence against women undeniable

Why do we forget our non-high caste heroes?

Religion and Terror attack in Assam

“Monsoon brings Maximum City to Halt”

“Eminent Historians” no need for facts?


Megaquake coming in Bangladesh?

Nepal’s unending Political Instability

Sindhudesh Republican Army attacks Pak Rangers”

100 Hindus & others forcibly Converted in Pak


Tibet, Xinjiang, and China’s Strong State Complex

“How Turkey became a Petri Dish”

The Mideast Crisis and the Centrality of Water

Israel joins list of countries restricting “NGOs”


Apocalypse Now: A Year of Crises, Shocks and Fear

Zika Virus spreads from Central America to America (Miami)

Three billion watched Rio Olympics opening ceremony

The end of Germany’s golden age

Water crisis in the West?

Africa to “Save West”?

“Mirage of a Rules Based Order”

“Was Democracy just a moment?”

“Brexit and the End of Globalization”

“progressive…modern…global citizen”

Securing National Character


July 2016 News Links


Relishing Andhra Flavours

Odia Food for all Tastes

“Ballad of Banda Bairagi”

On the Pichwai Trail

“Coming Soon: Sanskriti Schools”

Cultural Events from ATA 2016 in Chicago

“Ganjifa – An Indian Card Game is Revived”

Learn Ethics from the Ramayana

Hari Singh Nalwa – Protector of Peshawar

“Kumrahar – Sole Reminder of an Ancient Capital”

Structural Integrity of Puri Temple in Question


“Lord Jagannath’s rath yatra commences”

“Indians predated Newton by 250 years”

Modi Cabinet Reshuffle

FIR against AAP man for slight to Guru Granth Sahib

“Sonia Gandhi did everything to belitte P.V.Narasimha Rao”

Smriti Irani targetted by Sexist attacks on Social Media

“Duvvuri Subbarao: The Insider who Turned Rebel”

“Rs 71 for Sikh Girl, Rs 51 for a Brahmin”

Precautions to be taken by Girls, Women, & Parents

105 Razakars arrested for Ambur riots

Twitter suspends Parody account that Mocked AAP-leaning Media Outlet

Punjab on high alert, terrorists may enter Delhi via the State

Uttarakhand cloudburts: Rescue operations wound up at most places

This man is a sitting MP

Telangana judicial officials to rejoin duty

Example of Casteism corroding AP

5 Nepal historical sites restored with financial help of Indian Govt


“Change Nepal Needs now”

“India to construct $300 million rail line in Sri Lanka”

“Terrorists killed her for being a Hindu

Why Afghan Sikhs and Hindus are Leaving Home


Asia’s Best CEOs

“China threatens to take down SCS”

China’s target is the Indian Ocean

“Japan scrambled jets against China a record 199 times in April-June”

“Myanmar’s Astonishing Sights”

Oil Plunge hits Russia hard


“The Trouble with GDP”

India to reinvigorate ties with African nations

South Africa media giant rides global web wave

Is Colombia’s Long War Over?

Researchers Weigh Risks of Zika at Rio Olympics

“As Europe goes down, we need to be prepared for consequences”

Donald Trump and America

Britain becoming a Zombie State

“What Brexit means for Europe and the World”

Australia’s Small Parties and Discontent

“Catholic priests in Montreal banned from being alone with children”

Myth of the Global Citizen

Money Talks, Even on Twitter

“Closed Mind of Richard Dawkins”

Colonialism-A Contracting Universe

“Dad deprivation is Eroding Modern Society”

June 2016 News Links


Revisiting the great University of Vikramshila

Western Evangelists being promoted as historians and “Indologists”

Why the Kumbha Mela is in Danger

India’s only Sanskrit Band spreads wings

“Unexplored Terracotta gem of Bengal”

Call of the Earth for Young Professionals

“Why Right to Education Act is Evil”

100% FDI in Key sectors

Gram Panchayats and Fibre Optic Mapping

Indigenous Cattle Farming in Maharashtra

Punjab’s War on Drugs

“Raghuram Rajan son of a ‘Kaoboy'”

Former Nepal PM Bhattarai Launches Party

War-Traumatized Sri Lanka

Hindu Temple vandalised in Malaysia

“A Comparison of Chinese and American Military Culture”

Japan’s ‘New Approach’ to Russia

Turkey’s Hidden War

Congo declares yellow fever epidemic, 1,000 suspected cases

“Sex Crimes committed by Women on the Rise”

Allegations of Anti-Hindu Bias at BBC

“Apocalypse” dawns in Venezuela?

“Brexit Is Being Driven by English Nationalism”

Problems with Neo-liberalism

Living Wisely: A Plan for Food Self-Sufficiency

“The Malaise of Materialism”


Pot Pourri of Music

Millennial musicians

Indus Valley Older than previously Thought?

Udta Punjab

Paratha Paradise

EMP Syndrome

“For Gujaratis, enterprise is virtually a cultural obligation”

Veteran Gujarati Actress Padmarani Passes Away

Indian Summer Coolers to Beat the Heat

Childhood games in India on the verge of extinction

Cultural Orphans of India

Conservation lessons from Ancient India


India’s first reusable Shuttle Launched from Sriharikota

How KCR crushed Opposition in Telangana

“Poor status of Water Supply in AP”

AP Solar Capacity tops in Country

Modi’s 2016 trip to the US

Journalists bullying Officers online

AAP leader loses control after AAP Corruption exposed

“Raheel Khursheed Is Fomenting Separatism Via Twitter”

Steep costs of Selective Silence

Goan dual citizenship to end

How closely foreigners study you using Market Research

250 Hindu Familes Forced to flee from W. UP Town

Kashmiris threatened to rape Hindu girls at NIT Srinagar

“Sad story of Sadhvi Pragya”

Collegium clash and Judiciary

Bonded Labor in TN

Lt.Col Purohit Framed?

Godhra train fire Congress conspirator Arrested

Sabotage at Ammo dump?


Needless Battle over Buddha

Composer of Nepal’s national anthem Amber Gurung cremated with state honours

Hindu state identity for Nepal, says RPP-N chief

Several NGOs trying to discourage Perahera tradition: Lanka

On a gourmet trail to Bhutan

Hindus from Pak & Bangladesh finally get to claim Citizenship

Attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh increase

“Pakistan becoming Chinese client State”



“Cultural genocide in Tibet”

“Religion that Iranian Mullahs fear the Most”

Spring in Chabahar

India and Vietnam: Going beyond Brahmos

Australia’s Careful Dance in the South China Sea

“Do Not Misunderstand China”


“Economics Has Failed America”

Return of Political Economy

“Secret Meeting on Synthetic Genome”

Columbia drug Battles

Morocco slames Human Rights Report

Oman an Oasis of Stability

Women banned from Christian shrine

Britain’s Pedophile Problem

The Dark Side of Hollywood

France’s political elite told to stop groping female staff

“Khalistan terror camp in Canada plotting attacks in Punjab”

Drill begins: Cascadia Rising earthquake

“Make your own Earthquake Preparedness Kit”

Mainstream Media and Politics

Secrets of Great Teamwork

“Saving your Eyesight”

Salma Hayek: ‘Sex loses its Charm if you do it Every Day’

May 2016 News Links


The Story of Khadi

“Who Owns Shastric Authority?”

The Weavers of Barabanki

“Four Tier Model of Purva Paksa”

Dance fest: Of grace and grandeur

K.N. Rao: Committed to literature

State Assembly Election Results

Government boots out Unproductive Babus

“Charges against Sadhvi Pragya dropped”

Demographic Collapse in Western UP?

Kashmiri Fundamentalists say Kashmiri Hindus not allowed

Evangelical Fundamentalists Attack Hindu Temple

Violence at AMU

India’s Diverse Cow Breeds

Resisting Peer Pressure and Fashionability makes financial sense

“Kejri Saving Sonia”

Sonia Congress’ and “Goodwill Terror”

Sonia’s “Saffron Terror”

“Balochistan suffers Pak genocide”

India State Visit to Nepal

6.8 Magnitude Earthquake in Ecuador

Japan’s Stealth Jet

Conflict between West and Russia?

“Sex trafficking on American Indian reservations”

Europe Has Had Enough of Turkey

Privacy and Social Media

Why you need to cultivate your talents, else it’s Garbage in Garbage out


Master Draper Kalpana Shah

“The Deepest Orientalist”

Andhra influence on Gandhara art

Why Bollywood stinks

In tune with the times

Rs 2,675-cr push to traditional medicines sought

Gujarati Cuisine

“Economics needs a new Paradigm”

“Don’t blame Men alone for ‘Colourism'”

Rajiv Malhotra’s New Book: Hinduphobia

“Internal sabotage of the Battle for Sanskrit and Sanskriti”


“How India sees the World”

“Indians seem a confused lot”

P.V.Sindhu ready to conquer

“Poor forced to shop for Water in Telangana”

“Tirupati set to turn into City of Lakes”

Indian Science and Problems with Scientism

Babus sabotaging Modi’s Agenda?

80 Families lost dwellings in Arunachal Floods

“Punjab gangs a threat to national security”

Indian Army cleans up Mt.Everest

“Rajdeep caught in an Uncomfortable situation”

Shankaracharya acquitted. False charges?

“‘Hindu terror’ part of Pak GHQ campaign against India”

Karnataka stock house for IM?

“7 deadly sins of Indian Journalism”

How P.V.Narasimha Rao became PM

Kolkata’s “Mini-Pakistan” as dubbed by W.Bengal’s Urban Minister

“Only 4% Indians filed tax returns in 2015-16”

From Kitchen waste to Green Parks

“Govt. to Urdu writers: refrain from anti-National content”

“Sorry CJI Thakur, it is the Judiciary that needs Auditing”

The Radiance of Tejas

Right To Education and 93rd Amendment


Nepal 1 year after quake

Bhutan and India reinforce Ties

Nepal Govt. makes fresh appeal to Madhesis

Kathmandu Valley faces petrol shortage again

Panama Papers leak pressures Pak’s Nawaz

Hindu tailor hacked to death in Bangladesh


China’s growing might: Implications for India

China poised to take provocative action in SCS?

India’s defence relationship with Russia

“India and Vietnam Can Rescue Asia’s Balance of Power”

China’s Mediterranean Odyssey

Chabahar Agreement finalised

Cool Japan and its Target Market


“Tragedy of foreign policy elites”

The End of Globalisation as we know it

Nigeria replaces Saudi as India’s largest Oil supplier

“Armenian migrants in Turkey live in shadow of century-old massacre

Zimbabwe Braces for Turmoil

Maduro and the Art of Clinging to Power

Nearly half of Europeans in poll want own votes on EU, like UK

Bitcoin creator goes public

Dirty Debt and Defaults

Mercury rising with Planetary Alignment this week

The San Andreas Fault Is On The Brink Of A Devastating Earthquake

“Make your own Earthquake Preparedness Kit”

April 2016 News Links


Math answering the toughest questions of Music?

“Assault on India and its Ancient Culture”

Ragini Sharma’s Riposte supporting R.Malhotra against ‘Strawman Fallacy’

“Push for Mission Kakatiya”

Economic Potential of India

Kashmiri Hindus: Driven out and insignificant

How Media Foments Caste Hatred, Divides Hindu Society

“India Rising”

India and its Undersea Deterrent

“Never Forget: Mohammed Tanzil Ahmed”

India has 17 Judges for a Million people

The Kollam Tragedy and the aftermath

Rent and the Gandhi-Vadras

Choosing the right Brand Ambassador for India

The “Get Modi” campaign continues

Dilma Roussef and the Impeachment battle

“Implications of China’s Military Reforms

US Air Force plane intercepted by Russian jet”

“Saudi Arabia warns economic fallout if US congress passes 9/11 bill”

Earthquake in Japan now Ecuador. More to come?

Fawning coverage can’t cover up British legacy


Advocate files petition in Telugu, enters record books

“Japanese art in Bhubaneshwar”

Back to the roots

Sikh martial art Gatka

The unexplored terracotta gem of Bengal

“To destroy Architecture is to attack the cultural identity of a Nation”

Crowdfunding on the rise among Marathi filmmakers

“Renowned” Historian distorting history for own ends?

Are India topics on Wikipedia controlled by a few editors?

Aditi Banerjee’s Response To Shatavadhani Ganesh’s Review

“Sheldon Pollock’s Aestheticization of Power”

Importance of Muggu

National Film Awards Winners

Netflix and the creation of global monoculture


Modi creating Strategic Petroleum Reserve for India

Army to get 50,000 new bullet-proof vests; needs 3.5 lakh

Delhi, beware of Kejriwal’s misleading Budget

“Khalistanis funding AAP”

“Restoring our Universities as Temples of Learning”

Political workers targetting Hindu Temples Again

Reservation in Private Sector?

“Addressing the Quota Demand”

Women in Combat Roles. The other view

Patanjali will overtake Colgate and Unilever: Baba Ramdev

“Rural Consumption Shrinks”

PM Modi’s Rurban Mission

India’s Biggest Mafia

Indian media in a global age

Media Starts Cover Up In Pankaj Narang Lynching

“Who Killed Kingfisher?”

J&K govt formation: After BJP snub, pressure high on PDP

Aadhar and Right to Privacy

Engineering Student arrested for Internet Blackmail again

Rohith Vemula a non-Dalit: Telangana mantri

AP aims to become IoT hub


Problems Continue to Plague Sri Lanka’s Northern Province

Pakistan’s “Kill and Dump” continues in Balochistan

India to expand Railroad links with Nepal

Oli goes to China for Oil

Pakistan’s Ailing National Airline

After Lahore: The Truth About Terrorism and Pakistan

Protests in Bangladesh over plan to scrap state religion


“China’s Phantom SCS Claims”

“China shielding Terrorists”

“Why Abenomics is Failing”

Japan says India MOU on N-plant binding

PILs by Foreign Funded NGOs

Kyrgyzstan Crackdown on NGOs

Magnitude 6.1 quake jolts western Japan

U.S., Japan, South Korea warn North Korea over ‘provocations’

War China, Russia, ISIS and Beyond


What’s your chance of an Earthquake in 2016?

“Make your own earthquake preparedness kit”

“Exploitation fueling Madagascar Sapphire Trade”

Palmyra & Brussels

“Beyond Brussels”

“Europe’s Illiberal Democracies”

French girl’s tale of Facebook and Terror

Tanks headed for Eastern Europe?

Burundi says ‘fine’ with request for U.N. police deployment

Brazil’s biggest party quits ruling coalition, Rousseff isolated

Zika mosquito’s habits force new strategy by U.S. cities, states

Trump predicts “Very Massive Recession” in the U.S.

Stagflation bearing down on economy

Automation reduces hiring

The world is near a ‘major turning point’ in the currency wars

“Milky Way being sucked in by the Great Attractor”

“Gates prescribing Costly foreign drugs”?

March 2016 News Links


Problems with Indian History Textbooks

SaveOurChildren – an initiative to correct our Education System”

“Land that reveres Sanskrit”

The Poetics of Art

On Tamil Theatre

“Of forms and folds”

Decoding Syama Sastri

“The Problem with Pollock”

Why the World Culture Festival matters

Agriculture and Rural Push apparent in Budget

Student who almost lost his career for shouting anti-Barkha Dutt slogans

Shenanigans of the Left and how to See through them

“Political killings in Kannur”

Why Niticentral didn’t survive

Terrorists were planning to target Somnath Temple in Gujarat

Uttarakhand Speaker serves notice to 9 rebel Cong MLAs

“Entitled Middle Class Princess Syndrome”

Hindu Girls still being forcibly converted in Pakistan

Shortage of 9,000 officers in Army

Shiva Ayyadurai and the Invention of Email

“Money Talks and Walks – Even in the Virtual World”

Advice when using Social Media

Changing demographics turning Western UP into Tinderbox?

“Implications of China’s Military Reforms”

A Resurgent Japan and Global Peace

Brazil Government Tries to Regroup After Huge Protests

Refugee crisis has changed German Politics

“Globalization has had political Consequences”

The Populist surge and why

Stagnating Global Trade

The EU Brexit vote and Demographics

Water & Soil Degradation will take Decades to clean up at Fukushima


History of Lepakshi & Festival

The dancing couple

“Nellore: Garlands of Andal”

Government move to encourage Sanskrit

Debate on Battle for Sanskrit begins

Urdu imposition contributed to political tensions

Medaram Tribal Festival

Odissi: In service of the Art

NMDF Odisha

Indian American keen to make neglected Gujarati food famous

Coimbatore’s fashion star

Rich artistic traditions of Dungarpur, Rajasthan


Indian Economy for Dummies

India’s “war on two fronts enters decisive phase”

“Poisoning Kids”

Telangana-Maharashtra Irrigation deal

“Aggrieved Dalits press for action”

“The Hyderabadi Jehadist”

Telangana at risk as food production records steep fall

Indians don’t realise value of freedom, sacrifice: Soldiers

BJP joins international union of Conservative Parties

“Raids dig up Empire of PC’s son”

A list of scams by the Gandhis

Good Idea? Indian military to allow women in combat roles

India’s Largest Landowners, foreign and domestic

Collapse of the Left in W.Bengal

Ugly Narrative in circulation

“Fake currency- More arrests from Malda, West Bengal”

“Bleeding India by Proxy War”

Bank Bad debt endangers national stability

Rohtak riots backstory

e-Rickshaw in Bengaluru?

“Raw deal for Armed Forces in Budget”

Government to develop 300 rural clusters

“How the Ulema are perpetuating male hegemony”

India’s Space Ambitions

“Harvesters of death as saviours”

50 more farmer suicides in Marathwada this February

Railways: Braille enabled new coaches

“On Afzal Guru issue, JNU students play into hands of unseen forces”


“Oli must set Nepal House in order”

Panel to decide Nepal provinces delineation

“Brief history of Balochistan”

“Ancient Hindu temple in Peshawar being ‘secretly’ demolished”

Hindu priest decapitated in Bangladesh

Former Sri Lankan President’s Son Arrested for Alleged Corruption

Militarization in Sri Lanka Continues


100 Million Chinese on the Roof of the World

China’s thirst and Asia’s fate

Singapore headed for Recession?

“Iran & Russia to co-produce Su-30 fighter”

Vietnam invites India to South China Sea for exploration

Mum’s the word in Myanmar

“Water city : Obayashi unveils futuristic concept inspired by Tokyo’s past”

“China may soon rock global financial system”


France tells UK migrants will flow to Britain after EU exit

“Apple refuses to unblock iPhone”

“Arab Racism”

Argentina-IMF relations thaw after a 10-years

“Arrest of Brazil’s ‘maker of presidents’ could unmake Rousseff”

Nigeria and corruption

Front for money-laundering?

UK:”BBC in the dock over ‘monstrous’ sexual abuse culture”

Be Prepared for a Rainy day or Emergency

“UN Activities should be aligned with National development”

February 2016 News Links


A text of vision

In the land of its origin, the Ongole bull is on the verge of extinction

Unsung Heroines of Kuchipudi

Showcase of Ladakh culture in Delhi

Bharat Rang Mahotsva in Amdavad

Gujarati Actress Padmarani passes away

Pawan Kalyan speaks out on Kapu Quota

Chattisgarh village eradicates open defecation

Nepal & India: Two Nations, One Civilization

“Hope for Pakistan’s Hindus”

“‘Is Separatism Congress’ Patriotism?’ asks Shah”

CPI hacks to death BJP worker in Kerala before parents

Reminder on UPA’s “achievements”

Headley spills beans on 26/11 & Ishrat : Sickulars run for cover

“Why has South India’s Catholic Church re-inducted a convicted child molester priest?”

Wall Street Journal on how Indian media united to ensure no report on its corruption

Sedition case slapped on Afzal’s backers”

“How Pakistan subverts India’s elites”

India & Russia revive fighter jet talks

“Hindu’s in Sindh, Pakistan Continue to Face Extreme Discrimination”

Reality of the South China Sea Dispute

“China bolsters state hacking powers”

“Former Dallas Fed President calls out Central Banks”

Why selloff by European Banks is Ominous

Europe in 2016

Getting the Culture Right is Important for Any Organisation (or State)

“No to Facebook as Gatekeeper”


World Culture Festival 2016: Odisha

“Need to set up national institute for promotion of Telugu”

Making of Dance

“How the Left is Polluting Classical Arts with its Ideology”

ASI making changes at Bhojshala

Sanskrit is the unifying language

Conversations with Rajiv Malhotra on Sanskrit & More”

“Packing a gamut of Emotion”


10 soldiers dead/missing in Siachen Avalanche

Centre justifies President’s rule in Arunachal Pradesh

“Clueless on fighting Zika virus”

Focus on studies, says Warangal police chief

“Hyderabad Old City is den of illegal Foreign nationals”

“Website fomenting Student disaffection in India?”

“Kerala made in the middle east, staring at the abyss”

‘Cops left behind Tanzanian girl at mob’s mercy’

“After I said I am Hindu, they burnt me’”

Review: Airlift a great movie by Akshay

Sensitising “India, that is Bharat”

“India, the Perennial Soft State”

Centre encouraging Hindi use at official level for unity

“If you’re a wronged man, this is the lady to contact”

“Why the ‘right to pray’ debate is stupid”

Illegal sand miners behind Kudligi Deputy Superintendent’s transfer?

Sadhu dies after 115-day fast to save Ganga


Saeed threatens India with terror attacks

Cooperation for Regional Order

Balochistan: Pakistan’s information black hole

“China’s European Century”

Costly Corridor

India’s International Fleet Review: Building Bridges on Shifting Sands

Japan on High Alert for North’s Planned Rocket Launch

Malaysia After the Scandal

Russia accuses Turkey over Syria as donors pledge aid


Zika Virus Is Real

Mexico, Central American countries OK plan for stranded Cubans

“Roma in Czech Republic find hope in Indian Diaspora”

More than 10,000 Migrant Children ‘Missing’ in Europe

China Rejects Latest US FONOP in the South China Sea

Stock Market Crash of 2016: The Countdown Begins.”

“Swedish gov’t says UN panel finds Assange detention unfair”

More sex abuse by UN troops alleged in C. African Republic

“White Savior Industrial Complex”

Waterless Urinal to help Save Environment?

January 2016 News Links


Renowned Classical Dancer Mrinalini Sarabhai passes away

Academia and Sanskritphobia

HC privileging “Tehzeeb” above Sanskriti. Why?

AIT is Dead. Long Live OIT

Beauty and the Beast of Sufism

Kashmiri Pandits protest continuing lack of resettlement

Who are India’s biggest Drinkers

“Aamir Khan damaged India’s Brand Identity”

Male dominance,exploitation & hypocrisy in Malayalam film industry

Millions of Peshwa records await to be read

The legitimacy of AppWapsi and Boycott Dilwale protests

No end to bombs in W.Bengal

50 ISI moles arrested in India since 2013

“India’s Nepal Problem”

“China’s military is getting leaner and more lethal”

1 Million Migrants to Europe

Trouble Brews in Bulgaria 

Why the market’s drop may just be getting started

More bad news for 2016

Worrying risks of smartphones


An Ode to Hindi

A Telugu Garden in California

Regional cuisine ruled the Gastronomic world in 2015

Temples ring in Dress code

Prithvi Jayanthi celebrated by Nepalis

High design ethnic Indian wear

Indian Music Mathematically Deep

‘Kannadigas are the Paradigm of Tolerance’

Sanskrit and the Secularists

What Bollywood is really doing

Thavil Artist Venugopala Pillai


‘One Lakh Corporates in control of all Natural Resources’

HC raps Telangana for ‘inaction’ in Akbar Owaisi hate speech cases

AP to borrow 2,000 crores

Amaravati land lease for Singapore extended from 33-99 yrs

Defence Minister admits gaps in security as Pathankot op ends, 6 terrorists killed

Strong Quake hits Northeast; Manipur the epicenter

Heroes from Pathankot saluted

Violence again in W.Bengal. Mini-Pakistan in Malda?

PM Modi scores point over Congress in Kerala

Vidarbha creation needs consensus

“Anti-Nationals helping Pakistan”

National Herald Scam Part 2

IIT, IISC professors against Free Basics

Irresponsible Mainstream Media

Dawood’s gang killed BJP leaders in Gujarat

‘From solar power to bars’


Should India worry about Nepal’s special relations with China?

Pakistani printers removed article in NYT International Edition

Blast at Indian consulate in Afghanistan

China Halts Stock Trading as Market Lurches Down Again

China’s assertiveness pushes Vietnam to US

Abe visit to India was Historic

Economic Collapse in 2016?

Fear and Loathing in the Maldives

‘New wrinkles in Maritime warfare’

Saudi-Iran crisis to Escalate?


Earthquake Preparedness

Brazil stripped of investment grade rating as crisis deepens

Polish Leader Jaroslaw Kacynski

Ukraine to probe suspected Russian cyber attack on grid

France: A country shaken to its core

Greece’s border a Test for Europe

The Darfur conflict’s deadly gold rush

Australia’s Pivot North

Oregon wildlife refuge Occupied

‘Time for Business Schools to de-Globalise?’

Europe to protect teens from Facebook

Does the UN do any good?

December 2015 News Links


Students taught in Mother Tongue perform better in school

The uniqueness of Dhokra

Paintings of Artist Keshav

Konark Dance Festival

Preserving Bishnupur’s Heritage

Lasyakalpa Foundation presented Sattriya and Kuchipudi recitals to mark 3rd anniversary

Akshay Kumar donates Rs. 1 Crore to Chennai flood relief

80 Temples Vanished in J&K since 2009

Death threats issued to Kamlesh Tiwari

The hullaballo about the National Herald

“Congress is cutting India’s nose to spite its face”

TAPI Pipeline nears reality

India hints it may reconsider stand on key security pacts with US

“India and Japan’s relationship has greatest potential in the world”

Will IS affect Subcontinent?

“Beligium is a Failed state”

The reality of Science and Scientific Fact

“Beware Indians, the ISI may steal your passport”

After Kerala & Bihar, Jamaat demands prohibition in Telangana

Legislation introduced to cut H1B visas by 15,0000

“The Carrington Event”


“Why Kumbh Mela is at Risk”

5 Translators work to make ‘Veyi Padagalu’ in English happen

Fools think art is meant only for joy; wise realize it inspires change

What Bollywood is actually doing

Bajirao’s descendants object to portrayal in “movie”

“Passion Perseverance Personified”

“Satya Sriram’s High Calibre Show”

TS to have Telangana Dictionary Soon

Kancheepuram weavers take to Indigenous technology

Aesthetic debut by Ankita Goenka

Tracing the Evolution of Tamizh Sculpture


Chennai floods: Over 9,000 rescued

Rural distress worsens across India

Narendra Modi in Chennai announces More Support for Tamil Nadu

BJP weathers Gujarat polls Storm

Pay hike for central staff

“IS getting funds from Hyderabad”

Secularism in action?

What Arabs think of Indians…for “gelf” fans

Akbar speech infuence on Areeb

Facebook account group block after journalist exposes abuse

Cults and Conscience

COP21 and Cornering India in Carbon

World can’t ignore India’s Narrative

CBN reviews situation in South Kosta/Rayalaseema


Treading Carefully in Nepal

“ISI unleashes cultural terror wing”

Japan defense budget likely to top 5 trillion yen for first time

Russia & India: A Course Correction

China seeks Naval base in Djibouti

Amid feud with China, Philippines gets jets

Arab caste system at work

Malaysia approves security law slammed by critics

A “hard landing” for the world’s second-largest economy.

“Will not forget jet downing: Vladimir Putin”


ECB Moves trigger global sell-off

Europe plans to speed up deportation of Pakistanis

France & Africa: Colonial Tax

Regional mediation key to preventing Burundi war: U.S. envoy

Bulgaria warns Germany on Migrants

Danish referendum takes step away from EU, including Europol

Impeachment proceedings opened against Brazil’s president

Australia riding coal train despite climate pleas

US & UK universities are becoming irrelevant because of leftist stranglehold

Tragedy in California

Spiked baseball bats found around San Francisco

What Chennai teaches us about essentials for emergencies: Stock up!

“How Modern Technology is Stealing Souls”

Ideal Solution for an Ideal World

The Story of How I Overcame My Addiction

November 2015 News Links


Diwali 2015 in Photos

Nepal’s Tihar festival

Sabarimala all set for pilgrims

What Happened after Haldighati?

World Telugu Museum to be opened on Nov.19

Telangana stares at debt trap

Rain-caused flooding results in toll of 79

Open Treachery by Congress apparatchiks?

“Colonel martyred in Kupwara”

“Ayodhya movement Architect no more”

“Nipping in the bud a dangerous idea”

BJP after Bihar

“Editors mostly function as Gatekeepers”

Unacceptable: “Dalit boy forced to remove excreta”

“A Dream that Remains unfulfilled”

Loyalty to the Nation is Non-negotiable

Serious History Neglected and Distorted”

“Is Rahul Gandhi a British Citizen?”

Time for a New Narrative?

After Mumbai’s 26/11, Paris’s 13/11

Wall St. to get trump card to block regulations?

“Abenomics sputters in Japan”

UN Vote on Burundi killings


“On the Garba Dance of Vadodara”

“AP is rich in culture”

Aruna Sairam answers questions on Carnatic

“Bhubaneswar saw dancers and musicians pay homage through their craft”

Reviving Sanskrit

Fiesta of Indian classical dance

“Our culture wars are more a clash of lifestyles than ideas”


Final battle for Bihar ends today

“Indian media is the new fringe”

Amaravati all set to create history

Why CBN didn’t press for Special Status

Telangana to have 24 districts

“India’s Coolie Economy”

Anatomy of a Liberal

A response to Aakar Patel’s call to action to Bollywood

“Fashion of India and Hinduism bashing in Foreign”

“Unsuitable Men”

Porkfest organisers booked. “Beef only” secularism?

Indian National Congress: A Party in Crisis

Award-returnees are frustrating people’s will

ISIS threat in South

“Who is stoking Sikh radicalism?”

After Kashmir and Punjab, ISI plays the Hindu card


Nepal: India unfazed by China card

The truth about China’s interference in Malayasia’s Politics”

China’s ‘Militarization’ of the South China Sea

State of Emergency in Maldives

Maps of India Pakistanis love to dream about

States may be allowed to grant citizenship with rise in Hindu refugees

“Balochistan: The Bloodiest War you’ve never heard of”

“Bangladesh’s terrorist problem?

“Suu Kyi eyes post above President”


Russian civilian jet down…what now?

Justin Trudeau sworn in as Canada’s new prime minister

German, French raids against human smuggling operations

Crises drive Europe disintegration

The degenerate British elite

‘India-Africa partnership will keep China in check’

US not headed in right direction, some biz owners say

First State Legalizes Taser Drones for Cops

“preparing for a catastrophic solar flare”

“NASA reveals Antarctica is actually gaining more ice than it is losing”

“Marijuana is not harmless”

October 2015 News Links


Bathukamma celebrated with great fervour

Rajamahendravaram returns!

Traditional Indian crafts meet Calligraphy

“Kalidas Charita” in Bengali

Traditional Chinese medicine gets Nobel. Why not Ayurveda?

Literary mafia

Selective Outrage

Cow activist killed? Whither media outrage?

“Fraudulent Akademists”

“Top lies spread by the media in 2015”

India is about symbolism of power instead of substance of power

Whitefly destroys 2/3rds of Punjab Cotton crop

“Aadhar may have lethal impact on existence of India”

New “OROP” issue for BJP?

Owaisi again faces arrest over hate speech

Petition against PK insulting Hindus: Notice issued to Aamir Khan

Saudi chops off Indian maids arm

Jobs and the “Gulf Mirage”

“Nepal’s constitution and lessons for India”

China to sell 8 submarines to Pak

“Vietnam is changing and so is the balance of power”

Integral humanism vs Individualism

UK’s “chilling immigration plan”


“The Slow Death of Bhojpuri and Awadhi”

“Smuggling Indian Antiquities”

Telugu culture flourishing in Andamans

“Breaking [Carnatic]”?

“See the Music, Hear the Dance”

Lavani: Maharashtrian Dance form

Insight into the Rajasthani School of Art

“The Glory of Tamil”


PM Modi & Silicon Valley Trip Highlights

2720 Acres set aside for AP DRDO Project

Dengue crisis continues

Who will win Bihar?

Justice catches up with terrorists

Asiya Andrabi and Beef Politics

Beef Wars

Unwarranted Hysterectomies, Unnecessary Caesarians and other things

“Can India build its own Silicon Valley”

Freedom of Speech only for Chosen few?

Bengal’s bomb-making cottage industry

“Demolishing the Aurangzeb Apologist Cabal”


“Indian media must stop selling J&K as Kashmir”

A relook at Nepal

Pak Atrocities in POK

Book on Pakistan and it’s Politics

“Urbanization and Migration in Developing Asia”

Xi Jinping’s visit to the US

Chinese billionaire loses 85 per cent wealth in stock crash

Geo-strategic push: Inaugural India-Indonesia bilateral maritime exercise from Oct.17

“Russia: Superpower or Proxy?”

“Why the House of Saud gets away with sex crimes and murder”


Huge bubble? Commodity price slump sends ripples around world

“Obama to look for new gun measures, says ‘talk’ is main tool”

Turkey getting closer to Civil war?

Record 522K Migrants Arrive In Europe By Sea In 2015

Fmr. Brazilian President to be questioned in Corruption case

Bombings in Nigerian Capital kill 15

Prudent Disaster relief: How to Prep for an Earthquake

Ukraine, Syria and Russia: A Moment for Sobriety

“We’re living in an Ayn Rand Economy”

The Real Misogyny

“Is Facebook making us Lonely?”

“How close are we to a fully Bionic Body?”

September 2015 News Links


M.S. Subbulakshmi: A life in Music and Movies

Why Sanskrit is becoming popular among China’s Intellectuals

Pictures from Ganesh Chaturthi 2015

AP Links Godavari and Krishna Rivers in National First

Significance of Naxal encounter in Telangana

“Netaji didn’t die in plane crash”

“Blood and Lust”

“All you need to know about Dengue Fever”

Manipur’s turbulent summer

OROP: Pro View

OROP: Con View

Blast from the Past

Why young people must be careful on social media

Retro RBI

Pub culture descends upon Temple Town Madurai

Outrage and Violence after Nepal Parliament refuses to restore Hindu status

Atrocities against Baloch by Pakistan’s Army worsen

India and China face off in Ladakh over watch tower

DPJ: Beginning of the End?

“Migrant Crisis” and Malaise in Europe

Powerful Quake strikes Chile. More ahead?

Prudent Disaster relief: How to Prep for an Earthquake

Market manipulations in Global Bonds?

“Fed has to deal with its own Zombie Apocalypse”

Stock sell off continues, underscoring Global worries


Of Thiruvalluvar and his couplets

India should not move away from traditional scripts

Bitter Bengal-Odisha war over…Rosogollas

Treasure trove for Telugu Musicians

PM to attend meet on Indic Thought

Discussing Bharata’s Natya Sastra at World Sanskrit Conference

Rajamouli credits Amar Chitra Katha for storytelling success

Sanskrit in New Light


Gen.Suhag: India must be ready for short wars

Politics over Special Status

Man’s tweet to EAM saves sister from Dubai traffickers

Aurangzeb road renamed to Abdul Kalam Marg

Four Marathwada districts in crop loss alert

PM Modi: Non-state actors provoking violence

OROP: Pro View

OROP: Con View

SENSEX hits 14 Month Low…time to invest in hard assets?

Need to improve India’s China studies

Time for a “secular” calendar

BJP sweep of Rajasthan Civic Polls: Future Group to manage Public food distro

India cancels Greenpeace foreign funding amid scrutiny


Sri Lanka vote reemphasizes balance in Indian Ocean

Death toll rose in Nepal Violence

Nepalis urge dropping of “secular” to protect heritage

Afghan-Pak relations worsen

Story behind China stock intervention

Yuan devaluation

Malaysia push for PM Najib’s resignation

Russian jets in Syrian skies

US Military Base in Japan rocked by blast


World Markets Plunging…Economic Depression?

“Germans begin the looting of Greece”

UK, EU, and Europe’s refugee crisis

Nigeria seeks join efforts in Gulf of Guinea

Migrants and Hungary’s “Freedom Train”

Australia at crossroads

Brazil Minister to step down amid economic problems

Could Hackers take down a City?

European market plunge continues

August 2015 News Links


Artist Achudan captures raw beauty in his Water Colours

Sanskrit as Unifying factor

India facing “many sophisticated Chota Shakeels”

CM Anandiben takes the lead on Right to Property for Tribals

Rahul Gandhi gets a Adil Shahryar 101

Bangkok blast at Hindu Shrine in Thailand

Twin blasts in China

Tough times ahead for Indonesian Navy

“Should Nepal be Secular?”

Pakistan violates ceasefire in Jammu

Pak needs to change its approach on Afghanistan

Russia, China, Pakistan: New Emerging Axis?

What’s Cooking in the Middle East

UK’s Lost Decade

Hackers stole user data of 25 million Americans

Post Capitalism: The End of Capitalism has Begun


“[C]ulture on a larger canvas”

Sadasiva Sastri’s Carnatic performance steeped in devotion

Madrid celebrates Holi

Decolonising Indology

“APJ Abdul Kalam was an exemplar of Plural India”

“My Journey from Businessman to Philanthropist”

Art: War of dharma revisited


Remembering the “Missile Man of India”

India wins Patent war

Not just Baahubali, Rana says Leader 2 also in works

“Viacom18’s new English accent”

K.P.S.Gill: “If we don’t wake up, we’ll see more such attack in Punjab”

Has India put an end to its longest Insurgency?


Pak’s continuing War against Indian Civilization

China to build new artificial islands near India?

China equity bubble correction

Japan’s strategy for Central Asia

Who will lead Vietnam next?

Strategic Impact of the Iran deal

Turkey creeping toward Civil War?


End of Ukraine’s Peace process?

Mexico’s economy is flopping

“End of Capitalism has begun”

Can the Yuan overtake the Dollar?

“Uber regulatory challenge to democracy”

Germany being tested by refugee influx

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