Introducing New Blogger: Shivoham



I’m a keen follower of this Indic Civilizational Portal (ICP), and my humble contributions here are largely due to the encouragement of ICP, a wonderful website firmly grounded in, and serving Dharma and the Indian narrative. It is very difficult, perhaps impossible (think Amitabh-Don here) to find much originality in my posts. Rather, given my engineering
background, I’m trying to apply previously established Indian ideas (input) to different problems and then examine what the output looks like.

Every post is an attempt to push hard against the door leading to vidya and see if it budges a bit. Here is my previous article on ICP as one such example.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Shivoham, Shivoham.

3 thoughts on “Introducing New Blogger: Shivoham

  1. At last long last, the ever witty Shivoham finally joins our team. Along with your incisive and well-researched Posts, we look forward to your own unique collection of Subhasitas!

      1. thanks for the warm welcome and support, ICP. I will try my best to identify and present novel and useful applications of Indian ideas in my posts.

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