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Introducing New Blogger: Shivoham



I’m a keen follower of this Indic Civilizational Portal (ICP), and my humble contributions here are largely due to the encouragement of ICP, a wonderful website firmly grounded in, and serving Dharma and the Indian narrative. It is very difficult, perhaps impossible (think Amitabh-Don here) to find much originality in my posts. Rather, given my engineering
background, I’m trying to apply previously established Indian ideas (input) to different problems and then examine what the output looks like.

Every post is an attempt to push hard against the door leading to vidya and see if it budges a bit. Here is my previous article on ICP as one such example.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Shivoham, Shivoham.

Introducing New Blogger: Nilambari



Personal introduction is a rather difficult proposition because I suppose one has to take a mirror to oneself. It’s always hard to do that and therefore, I will keep it very short.

I am a citizen of Bharata desa and a person who has moved from avidya (ignorance) of being a confused person to someone who has some vidya (knowledge) and is more aware of who she is and where she comes from over the last few years. Today I believe I am a stakeholder in the continuation of our Bharatiya civilization because it has so much to offer the world.

My writings on this portal will only be a samarpanam (offering) to my mathru bhoomi, its age old civilization, and my ancestors who graced this beautiful and sacred land. I owe it to them to keep the fire burning. I hope I will be able to make a difference. Those of you who know me from Andhra Cultural Portal know that I am a proud Malayali, and will be discussing issues from my native Kerala as well. So join me for a filter kaapi or three!

Thank you to all who will read me. I hope I do not disappoint you.


Announcement: Tamizh Cultural Portal


As Sankaranthi winds down, here’s the surprise announcement we mentioned in our greeting. Many of you following ACP on twitter probably already saw, but one of the sharpest minds (and wits) in the dharma blogosphere has just launched our first sister site:

Tamizh Cultural Portal

The Network, Interface, and Database for the Serious Tamizh person.

TCP marks an important milestone as it provides India’s southernmost state, the wonderful people of Tamil Nadu, a chance to enjoy their own culture as well, while appreciating the Integral Unity they share with other parts of Bharatavarsha.

Our Tamizh brothers and sisters are more than welcome to continue reading and participating at ICP. But we encourge all of you, Tamizh and non-Tamizh, to check out this site, and not only learn about another region, but encourage cross-pollination as well.

 Happy Makara Sankaranthi/Magh Bihu/Lohri…and especially, Happy Pongal!

ACP Logo4ICP Logo1tamizhportal


ICP Logo1

It is with great excitement and pride that we announce the formal launch of the Indic Civilizational Portal.

Those of you who know of our maiden venture, Andhra Cultural Portal, might be familiar with us and our objectives to preserve and pass on Dharmic culture and Indic heritage. When we first conceived of that idea for our native region, it was only natural that we ourselves saw the potential to launch a mathru site and connect not only the Andhra people, but all of Bharatavarsha.

As such, this Civilizational Portal is just that: A network, interface, and database for the serious Indic person. It is a web space not for parochial thinking or regional feeling, but dharmic collaborating and idea exchanging. The site founders believe in decentralised Dharma. Therefore, each layer has its place to play. While regional culture must be preserved and expressed, all the pradesas must come together for the common cause and clarion call of Saamaanya Dharma. Therefore, this site is not dedicated to one community, one caste, one region, or even one religion, but the cause of Dharma itself and its native homeland, Bharata. It is not a site for men only, but encourages women to learn, participate, and teach as well. Discussion of not only Vedic Rishis, and mighty Avataras, but also Jain Tirthankaras, Buddhist Bodhisattvas, and Sikh Gurus is gladly and respectfully invited.

Those who hold true to the Indic concept of Dharma from whatever corner of ancient Bharatavarsha from Nepal to Sri Lanka, and everywhere in between, are more than welcome to read, learn, participate, and contribute. No mortal individual knows everything. As such, we aim to not only write, but also learn ourselves, and encourage others to do the same by listening with an open mind. All that we ask in return are the basic stepping stones to dharma of sabyata (civility) and saujanya (etiquette). This is not a place for headstrong egos and stubborn special interests, but selfless people with a sense of common cause and belonging. While difficult issues can and must be discussed, and differing views welcomed, there is zero-tolerance for casteism here. Neither anti-brahmin nor anti-dalit (nor anything in between) remarks will be considered acceptable. Good nature joshing about various regions is permitted, so long as its done respectfully and in good fun. But be prepared to get back as good as you give. Respectable speech, however, is urged, and slurs and uncultured language to be avoided by participants. Elders (when their seniority is apparent) are to be respected.

A people, a society, and indeed, a civilization are defined by their culture. What are the values they hold dear? What are the principles that inspire them? What are the factors that drive them? These aspects, more than anything else, are the foundation for a culture. Those of you following us on ACP or on Twitter would have read our essays and tweets on the topic. You would also have seen not only the discussion of what we did and do right and what we did and do wrong, but also a cataloging of our cultural heritage to inspire innovation. Culture is not static. So in conjunction with studying the Language, Literature, Art, Architecture, Festivals, Cuisine, Dance, Music, and Cinema of our Civilization, we will also encourage discussion of the issues that we have dealt with in the past, are dealing with now, and will deal with in the future. A strong understanding of not only dharma and literature , but also history and global politics will help individuals understand the strategic space we are in.

Many have written about the intellectual Kurukshetra of our time.  This is the place to discuss it. With saluting sankhas we welcome you all to the Indic Civilizational Portal.

Yatho Dharma tatho Jayaha.