The “Modern” Hindu is a Spoiled Brat


There. I said it. We were all thinking it. Our parents were saying it. Even our enemies know it. But the average modern Hindu has yet to accept the fact that he (or she…yes, even you ladies)  is a spoiled brat. Mummy has pampered him. Daddy has financed him. And Ayn Rand has corrupted him. This is the triple threat that has created the world’s biggest cry baby.

Self-loathing in public. Arrogant in private. And stubbornly selfish beyond all belief, to the point of stupidity. The recent closing of Niticentral is emblematic of just that.

Make no mistake, the Modern Hindu is not a fool. He knows right from wrong and is not deluded into thinking he can escape any crime by a simple, mea culpa. He merely rationalises whether they were in fact crimes in the first place. “How can neglect be a crime” he may ask? “Ayn Rand told me selfishness was a virtue”, “others are doing it too”. “Arey, let me watch my cricket match“. But the fact is there is such a legal offense as criminal neglect, and Selfishness is never a virtue. Only morons, and the degenerates who bestowed a pseudo-philosophy on them, think selfishness could ever be a virtue or that greed is good.

But Ayn Rand was a naturalised American and Gordon Gekko was a fictional character in an American movie, why are Americans not spoiled brats? There are many American atheists too. Why are they not subject to this?

This is because most Americans may laugh at the idea of “virtue” or raise an eyebrow at a discussion involving duties rather than rights, but they have not forgotten the meaning of the word “civility”. They may be over-pampered, and there may be outliers here and there, but as a general populace, they are not spoiled brats. And there is good reason for it.

The modern Hindu, however, grows up with maryada (propriety) and kulachara/kalpa (ritual). To him that is the be all and end all of religion and culture. This is because parents (and traditional teachers themselves) failed to teach the essence of true religion in an era of consumer choice. When everything, even one’s religion or even passport is a matter of the marketplace, then people choose what is most pleasing (preyas) to them rather than what is good (shreyas) for them.


But leave aside Dharma, Rta, and Satya, whither sabhyata (civility), whither saujanya (etiquette)? In only obsessing over propriety and ritual, the Hindu has become a drone. Ritual is important, but only an idiot thinks that is all there is to religion or even the most important aspect of it. Ritual and Achara is the building block, but Dharma and Rta and Satya are all higher principles.

The same parents who cheated at business, were contemptuous to their help, and tyrannical to their staff, puff out their chest in religious sanctimony after going to the temple and doing ritual. Do they think their children do not see this hypocrisy? If Niti (lessons/principles) only comes into play when you want to sit on your high horse and lecture, no wonder your own children will become unprincipled. No wonder Niticentral went belly up, the Modern Hindu actually says “Nitulu koodu guda pettavu”. Rough translation from Telugu: “Niti doesn’t put food on the table”. If you stupidly think principles don’t matter in earning one’s livelihood or social relations, don’t whine when someone does the same to you.


Overcome by emotion like a child, he may often give away the whole store. It is his emotion and his need that determines his (re)action, not the common need. He would rather anoint and promote videshi saviours than work with competent desis. He constructs a superiority complex to mask a Macaulay nurtured inferiority complex, ensuring either he or his anointed saviour alone can lead the way. Every step is taken to ignore,stifle, and stymie those he sees as rivals, because only his asinine Ambition matters, despite lip service to the common good.

In fact, there are many such conscience-wallahs today who purposefully promote mediocrities to secure patronage to increase follower bases, no matter how obviously detrimental their thinly thought out “theories” are. In truth, the “modern” Hindu deserves a good, sound thrashing (with a bamboo cane), as he wails to the heavens whilst ignoring opportunities for team collaboration, out of Selfishness. It is no wonder he is thought of as a knave. Perhaps there really is something to the Pauranic prophecies that Hindus would suffer a difficult thousand years so they would learn the true meaning of Dharma…Had enough?


But of course, rather than start with himself or herself, the spoiled brat would rather revel in commentary about decline. It is as though the play-by-play and minute-by-minute statistic of downfall is itself a glorious achievement, rather than merely the starting point to collective synergy. At some point, one would think even brats would see to begin with a change in behaviour, rather than expecting fan worship for doing basic and required research.

A friend summarised the juxtaposition between the two nationalities the best. In his anecdote he mentioned that in his experience, Americans supported his website efforts and encouraged him…so long as it didn’t eat into their own market share—a logical response. Indians, on the other hand, were quick to condescend and diminish his achievements to make themselves feel better—even if he wasn’t their competition. That is the very definition of a spoiled brat.

There may be American atheists in large numbers today, but other than a micro-set of micro-brained mba’s, few intelligent people take Ayn Rand seriously. And these idiot bankers are on the verge of losing their shirts on Wall Street or Fleet Street anyway. This is because the fundamental decency and civility woven into society puts even the most immoral and promiscuous of youth to pause. Propriety may be out the door along with Virtue in America. Culture may be out the door in favour of Multi-culturalism (like “Composite Culture” in India). But an underlying sense and need to be civil and decent is still there, outside the professional environment. Team sports have taught Americans to be good winners, team players, and honourable losers. They understand the value of Collaboration. The Modern Hindu is a sore loser, a tyrannical winner, and a pusillanimous player. He rejects domestic collaboration but specialises in external cooperation.

American society may be falling apart due to moral folly, but India is not far behind, and its populace is far less competent. American society has prospered as long as it has because there was and is a fundamental need to be competent and civil in the workplace. India has survived despite lack of competence, due to various forms of nepotism,  but endured due to its culture. But now even that culture is being replaced by bollywood garbage and trashy languages of the camp that have the cheek to anoint themselves as having “evolved from Sanskrit”. They haven’t “evolved” from Sanskrit, they have devolved from Sanskrit. They mock our Traditional Acharyas and anoint “eminent” Public Intellectuals in their stead who are for sale to the highest bidder or enemy nation.

But the incompetent Indian does not have the sense to take his cues from leading commanders or lieutenants. Each moron has to reinvent the wheel—a journey of discovery mapped out over his twitter TL. When this is the case, how can a cohesive strategy ever be put into play when each moron “must be allowed to fight his own way”. No, if you are getting in the way, if your “narrative” is actually countering our “counter-narrative” due to your sloppy, amateurish wiki research,that is a problem. If you are actually timing your critiques of others to help our common shatrus, that is a problem. If you are helping launch sickular troll sites at the regional level, that is a problem…and you are unqualified to be on the Kuruskshetra due to your greed and stupidity.

Leave aside Kurukshetra, the Third Battle of Panipat is a classic example of the dangers of this attitude. The military leadership of the Marathas may be to blame for allowing them to come, but the lakhs of civilians who insisted on being campfollowers so they could go on a “yatra” of the North only demonstrates the dangers of this unserious attitude to life. One can only imagine the childish and unreasonable behaviour of these civilians insisting on joining this military camp so they could do their “Dharma”. Rajas have a Dharma to protect civilians, but Prajas also have a Dharma to not hinder the duties of a Raja. But spoiled brats do not care for such things, and cause harm to themselves and those responsible for protecting them. Unless a population is duly disciplined, it will destroy first its leaders, then itself. The fate of Sadashiv Bhau, Vishwas Rao, and the Maratha civilian women enslaved by Afghans itself was testament to this. Of course, if the spoiled population is disciplined or punished, they go over to the enemy to avenge their unjustifiable egos on their leader, then what other recourse is there but Vyasana.

The guy who thinks he’s God’s gift to the Earth can only be corrected if he loses his Mandate of Heaven.

Even more amusing are the intellectually lazy but overly ambitious mediocrities who only do surface level study and end up shooting us in the foot. They continue canards so obviously spread by our enemies in order to humiliate us via “histories”—because these chaps have no responsibility to preserve the dignity of the tradition. Even worse is when they play public editor, attempting to give their worthless opinion on internal disputes, simply because their own dufferhood emotionally assigns them to the offending side. When there is a sophisticated game being played, and you don’t have the mental discipline let alone strategic understanding to make heads or tails of it, stop pontificating to the PM or RM or anybody else.

When you yourself have facilitated the rise of digital doras due to your own ambitious jealousy, kindly shut up. Knavery, at its core, is the incapacity to self-reflect. If we are in dire straits today, it is the fault of idiots like you. You whine about bollywood and aamir khan yet watch his idiot movies and support his moronic causes. You are the problem. Too dumb to do anything useful, and too ambitious to work with others as part of a team. It is the ambitious mediocrity who cannot self-reflect and cannot feel a sense of responsibility to anything beyond his own ambition that destroys societies. Such knaves are worthy only of destruction. A squirrel too can contribute to Ram setu, but he cannot throw stones or drop stones in the other direction…When someone has dedicated decades to understanding how our shatrus think and work, and has competently and successful waged war against them, two bit tweeps have no business giving their two bit commentary, or worse, setting up competing narratives that actually hinder ours and aid the enemy’s.

But that’s precisely the point. By being such puerile, spoiled brats, they promote their own enemies while tearing down would be allies. And this is just the much ballyhooed “internet hindu”, what of the average clownish buffoon who still sings amar,akbar, anthony with his topi on tight, and stupidly laughs at aamir khan movies that mock his own culture? He parrots asinine shibboleths about saffronisation all while being an unwitting and witless accomplice to obvious blanchification of the south and olivification of the north. And the less said about the naxal rouge, the better. As for the simpering neanderthals heehawing and guffawing at the lame and obviously jamaati-run parody sites that pretend to be neutral but push a clear agenda with giveaway, non-politician targets, well, stupid is as stupid does.


Of course, you can’t even tell him this because he is a spoiled brat. And spoiled brats cannot listen because spoiled brats don’t believe anyone should be allowed to teach him (or her) anything unless it is his degree providing institution, his anointed saviour, or his mummy. Otherwise, spoiled brat knows all, and how dare you teach him something? Because if you tell him something for his own good, that means you knew something he didn’t…and if that’s the case, how can he ever win the gyaani sweepstakes?! The ahankari sikhandi cannot permit this!

After all, in his mind, victory goes to the greatest gyaani. And if our self-appointed “acharya” is the greatest gyaani, then we too can one day become his successor through slavish sycophancy and attain supreme gyaanihood through diffusion…

Why does the spoiled brat behave this way? Because, “More”. Like all human beings he wants to enjoy, but his mummy approved ego makes him think he deserves more than others. When someone wants more and thinks he deserves more, but lacks the competence to get it, what else will he become but a spoiled brat?

That is the danger of the over-inflated ego we have today. We have too many people who undeservingly believe they deserve more, but unlike the East India Company or the Jamaatis (both of which are still here in different forms), they are too incompetent to get it. That is the problem. That enemy of mankind. The destroyer of all good things. The perverter of minds.The poisoner of souls…Ahankar. After it is done destroying others, the ego falls upon and destroys itself through infighting or addiction.

That is the core problem: Over inflated sense of self. It doesn’t matter if our little prince or princess went to IIT or ITT Tech, Princeton or a polytechnic school, Harvard or Harvard driving school. Years of pampering from mummy have resulted in 1 or 2 generations of utterly spoiled brats. Just as an example, Telugu mothers literally refer to their sons as “Raja nanna” [little King]. What else can be expected if even a duffer who is spoilt with excessive love, acts like one.

The point isn’t for Indian mothers to stop loving their boys—in fact, it is one of their great qualities, which none can match. Rather, it means understanding when to love and when to scold or even punish. After all, the greatest desserts are not those which have a surplus of sugar and are dumped with chakkar. Instead, there is a sense of proportion. The right amount of sugar, and the right amount of staple.

Some may argue that our over-proud duffers may be completely respectful in the workplace, but that is only out of instinctive self-interest or fear of losing a job.

After all, his first instinct is self-preservation. It is only when he can be totally free that his inner “vedhava” comes out.

pedda vedhava

This should be the watchword of especially the recent college graduates. Sarvagyaanis are not made merely by studying Sanskrit grammar while ignoring strategy. It is logic and lesson (niti) that must be digested.  No other system of philosophy has emphasised time and place more than Dharma. Just as the Chhatrapati adopted Ganimi Kava (enemy tactics) as needed, so too must we be open to external ideas and approaches. This doesn’t mean ejecting Dharma, it means separating the ancillary (or non-essential) from the essential. That is the Dharma of Sri Krishna and the Dharma he expounded for the Kali Age. If you cannot do this, please keep your opinions to yourself and get off the kshetra. You need to know how to shut up, and that comes from discipline. Not the discipline of studying 10 hours a day, 5 days a week, not the discipline of performing puja as a substitute for dharmic action, but the social discipline that teaches you how to manage your emotions and put aside personal differences for common, community objectives.

People may further ask why I, who have traditionally tried to address as wide an Indian audience, of all religions, as much as possible, suddenly zeroed in and picked on Hindus. It’s cause they deserve it. The Hindu has become a sanctimonious selfish brat—a.k.a knave. To him even a weekly RT is too much to ask, leave aside crowd funding a site like Niticentral. He is so individualistic beyond all belief, that the very idea of community is quaint, even obsolete. “I want something for myself, my own!”. When asked of community, “Arey, I am a global citizen, yaar”, says the dumbass. How many Indian Sikhs, Muslims, or Christians say that? It is because they are not morons, the “modern” Hindu is. They still retain a sense of larger community no matter what their internal problems and issues. Some castes in india are in fact notorious for cheating their own caste!

Even now, there are a gaggle of Hindu idiots who quietly read this site & mine it for ideas. That is because these selfish knaves would rather compete with their own, or failing that, would rather raise a competitor (even a civilizational enemy) in order to take vicarious pleasure in competing with a rival. There was a word for that in undivided Andhra: “Dora”. In fact, there are some digital dora blogs that have arisen and praise the very cowardly nizam and his razakar descendents who oppressed them. Some shameless, self-proclaimed “RW’ers” write for such blogs all while shedding tears over Vijayanagara….clearly self-awareness isn’t a strong suit here.

For those of you who don’t know the history of the Devarakonda Doras, these traitors of Telugus represent exactly the cancer that is eating the fabric of Hindu society today. It has been eating away for centuries, but atheism and Ayn Rand have served as the carcinogens that have metastasised it. As America has demonstrated, the issue isn’t atheism itself per se—that merely provides fertile ground. But atheism divorced from any sense of obligation or duty—that is the real problem. That is where Ayn Rand, and her pseudo-philosophy come in.

“Modern” Hindu girls aren’t innocent either. Finding happily ever after, or trying to punish certain men, doesn’t mean throwing sense out the window and marrying someone a decade younger than you.

Nor is making a career out of demonising your own menfolk in order to gain sympathy points from foreigners looking to make trophy wives out of you.

And, of course, who could forget this delectable little number from the mid-2000s. If ever there were a warning sign on where “modern” Hindus society is headed, it is this.

In his pathological need to be called the smartest or “most knowledgeable” the Hindu has become the stupidest and least wise. Even when errors are pointed out, “Who are you to tell me?!”, “I am the Smart?!”, “Mummy loves me the best!”. Mummy’s boys to the core, Daddy’s girls where relevant, does the modern Hindu even understand what faces him or her? Does the modern Hindu even understand the sacrifices men and women in uniform make? What could middle class India know of this? He and She only pray for a visa. Lower class Hindus knows it full well; they are the primary bearers of this burden. That is why there is still some semblance of community in the gaon—there has to be.

The Modern Hindu is an army of one who may see the value of numbers but not cohesive community. A black hole of selfishness, he is also a universe of one, a veritable cosmos in corpus—impermeable to all extra-individual concerns. He takes the phrase “every man is an island” to its most preposterous and incredulous extreme. He is not only selfish to the extreme, but self-centered to the point of oblivion. Even knowing about or tweeting about the world is only important either in so far as it is immediately affecting him, or so that he can show off his GK and knowledge of Current events. He would rather die and destroy his own civilization than unite with an erstwhile rival in the face of a common enemy. In fact, he thinks it is “good politics” to unite with the enemy to defeat his rival…vinasha kale vipareetha buddhi. In Telugu we say “Donga ki Donga buddhi, Dora ki Dora buddhi”. This explains the topsy turvy politics of a certain state that its denizens are only just beginning to fully recognise.

Even when it comes to greed, the economist is familiar with the concept of diminishing returns. But the “modern” Hindu is such a greedy donkey, he wishes to extract even the last drop out of something. Even if it negatively affects his health “no, I paid for it!”.Mine!”. There is a difference between frugality and self-defeating stupidity.


Then there are the contrarian idiots who axiomatically have to counterargue against something that, forget is not even against them, but even neutral to them. They may say, “well Nripathi, haven’t you violated your own line about not washing dirty laundry in public?” Well, the reality, dear moron, is that the hour is so late, and the Modern Hindu has become so stupidly, stubbornly, superciliously selfish, that everybody knows this fact but him.

He whines about Kashmiri Pandits or Pakistani Dalits one minute, and then the next minute Mine!”. “MY CASTE MY CASTE”. “You had reservations for thousands of years, now its our turn!” or “No yaar, I can’t allow it, I hate these reservation wallahs”, “only high iq types can rule the world”. The idiot doesn’t even recognise cognitive dissonance when it hits him. It’s one thing to have a justifiable issue with reservation, another thing to insult and push away the very people whose support you need in Kashmir, in Pakistan, in Bengal. Whatever his caste, that is the degree of stupidity among Hindus. In fact, the more he rants and raves about IQ, the stupider he likely is. That is because deficiency in judgment is properly that which is called Stupidity.

In the obsession over knowledge, the Hindu has forgotten the need for judgment and the importance of wisdom. Ancient Brahmanas were once called the wisest men in the world by visitors (and rightly so). Can the same be said of their descendants? It is because ancient Brahmanas knew the importance of Buddhi over Vidya.  Most of their descendants instead obsess about IQ, genetics, and how Bill Gates has anointed them the second smartest (but best poodles). Meanwhile, Rajputs and Jats puff their chests up over “mardangi” (as if that is what wins wars…) and still others tout the merits of “dominant agricultural caste” or reservation status.  This is what the land of Maharishis and Maharajadirajas has reduced itself to—poodles and roosters. All this because the descendants of Vishwamitra and Vikramaditya would rather be pets or on the plates of videshis than work with each other.

The CEO or owner is not where he is because he necessarily has more memory, mardangi, computing capability or Intelligence Quotient . He is where his is because he has more strategic intelligence and Emotional Quotient. Many may snootily laugh at EQ, not realising that in the game of (global) poker, you don’t play the hand, you play the person.  In obsessing over IQ, the idiot Hindu of all castes has forgotten EQ. In only thinking about knowledge, he has forgotten wisdom. In obsessing over smarts, he has ignored judgment. That is how the British beat him…and the Hindu still doesn’t realise this. It is not a question of cowardice, but a question of collective cohesion. Individually brave, collectively disunited, because “not my problem“. But wars are fought not as individual spoiled brats, but as united teams.

The problem ultimately boils down to this: Once upon a time, mummy told the modern Hindu he was special, and 30-40 years later, the idiot still believes it—due to lack of proper Cultural education and Dharmic education. That is why he is perpetually dissatisfied, because he has to have his cake and eat it too. Because to be special, it is not enough that he succeeds, but others must fail.

Only he can marry that girl (after stringing her along for years), or no one can

Only he can score the winning goal, or no one can

Only his caste can be the best, or no one’s can.

Only his state can be the best, or no one’s can

Only his guru can be right, or no one’s can

And only he (or by proxy, his appointed saviour) can save his society, or no one can. That is why Andhra and India are all in the doldrums today. All due to obsession with Ahankar.

All of you must by now be despondent. But we Hindus engage in enough self-flagellation. So I will give you some hope instead.

If there is hope today, it is not because of the middle classes, and it certainly is not because of the upper classes. If there is hope today, it is because of the lower classes. It is the lower economic class hindu that holds hope for the future of his panth as well as his nation. This is because the upper class hindu is too compromised, and the middle class hindu is too much in need of a good thrashing to knock out at least a degree of his ego and selfishness. The lower class Hindu has not been spoiled rotten to the core by modernity. He may not score the highest on exams, but he does not suffer from selfish, stubborn stupidity.

Whatever his faults, whatever the caste riots, whatever the hideboudness of khaps, the lower class hindu still has a sense of community. The upper class hindu may be obsessed with [page 3]“society” and the middle class “with being a global citizen”. But the lower class hindu understands the meaning of community and what it means to be a part of one.

He is more concerned with doing right by a girl than being a khiladi

He is more concerned with his neighbour’s safety than bank balance

He is more concerned about his mother tongue than “ingliss”

He is more concerned about achieving results, than being an academic hoop-jumper

Above all, he is not concerned with having the entitlement of a spoiled brat, because he cannot afford to have it. He knows the meaning of deprivation. He understands the concept of accommodation. He realises the need for adjustment. He knows the world is not happily ever after. He sees the need for responsibility and collective compromise.

True, he may also be the first to join in if there is a good riot, but that is the result of being forced to give back as good as you get.

“Finding yourself”, “Journey of Self-discovery”, “My time!”, “Me, mine, my own”, these are all the dreams of upper classes and their middle class wannabes. The Lower class Hindu knows how to simply be content and share what you have. Learn to be like him or her.

Despite coming from a lower economic class, he has far more class than higher economic class Indians could ever have. He may not have taste, but he has far more basic decency than high class snobs ever could. He may have bouts of violence, but he could never match high class cruelty.

How do my actions affect others?”. If selfishness is the real root of all evil, then this is the root of goodness. When we acknowledge the existence of others, when we acknowledge the needs of others, that is the root of conscience, consistent conscience.

And finally, those foreigners who may stumble upon this article and may say “see, this is why we’re trying to save you”, I say “stuff it”. You have your problems too (far worse and far more pathological), so I suggest you take your own medicine and look closer to home. We may have our problems, but they are ours to solve. And solve them we will. All it takes is one person to join…and then another…then another…

Some have wondered here and there why I bother to write at all, knowing these things about “Modern” Hindus. But the truth is, I don’t write for the benefit of spoiled brats, selfish knaves and opportunistic gyaanis. I write for them

…and them, and them, and the thousands upon thousands of others stretching across caste, regional, linguistic, economic, and even officer/enlisted lines.

They are not spoiled brats, but people who have sacrificed. These people know the real meaning of Tyaag (self-sacrifice). These people know the stakes, and why we must come together. These people know the real meaning of community, and whatever their background or lineage, they are all “my community”.

And that is why I write, to honour them…whether they are named Adhvaryu, Ahuja, Agarwal, Ahir, or Ambavadekar.

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