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Culture is not static. Therefore, it’s important for a culture and civilization to not only appreciate the past and preserve it, but to build upon it and create a future. As such, cultural trends are critical not only to ensure that a civilization manages to stay relevant, but that everything from its couture to its cuisine can navigate ever changing tastes. What’s fashionable one moment may not be the next.

Although basic principles should be maintained, chefs, musicians, dramatists, film-makers, and fashionistas should be able to present a picture relevant for the times. That is the importance of improvisation and adaptation. Classical achievement may remain timeless, but it should be interpreted for the times.

Fashion Trends


Venkatagiri sarees are considered some of the most soft, opulent, and long lasting. Eye catching and frequently imprinted with golden designs and borders, it truly is the saree of Queens. In fact, they are known to have been patronized by the Velugoti dynasty of Nellore, where it originates.  It is the saree for both the traditional and the trendy.

There are three main varieties of Venkatagiri sarees: Venkatagiri 100, Venkatagiri Pattu, & Venkatagiri Silk.

  • Venkatagiri 100 is the lightest of the three, and so, can be worn year round.
  • Pattu are thread woven, arranged with a Jari border, and incorporate floral motifs.
  • Venkatagiri Silk are a new style that uses the silk techniques originating in the old United Bengal region of historical India. This has become very popular in recent years.


UNM1277-Alluring casual cream venkatagiri cotton pigment gold block printed saree


“This the marquee saree of the dignified Andhra lady”

party maroon uppada

Uppada is small Village in Kothapalli Mandal of East Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh. It is near the port City of Kakinada and is famous for its prawn curry.

Currently all the rage in fashionable and filmi circles, the Uppada saree is truly the trendiest variety on the market.

This is the trendy saree for the Telugu lady of Today


 Kasulaperutrendy kasulaperu

Also known as Kasumala, Kasulaperu (pronounced: Kaasulaperu) is the biggest name in Andhra ornaments. While common to all four regions of South India, the Kasumala style has taken a distinctly Telugu name in Kasulaperu. They have very recently become trendy, and a number of model/actresses both South and North have been seen showcasing it at functions.

There are a number of different styles of kasulaperu. In fact, a number of modern designs have also sprung up in recent years.

Lakshmi Kasulaperu

This is the traditional gold coin necklace featuring an image of Lakshmi Devi. It is the standard gift to brides at weddings. The size of each Kasu is very large due the grandness of the occasion and the ancient style of the jewelry. Prices can reach even ₹1,80,000.

Designer Kasulaperu

Liberalization has changed many tastes over the years, and new/modern styles of Kasulaperu have emerged. The first of these is generally called “Designer” Kasulaperu. It is notable for its smaller coins and for the lining of small gold balls to adorn the adornment itself. It works best with a pattu cheera (sari).

Stone Kasulaperu

One of the trendier styles of the ornament. It takes its name from the precious or semi-precious stones that line the necklace to complement the coins.

Kasulaperu with Pendant

One of the more eye-catching varieties, this style has broken the previous pendant-less mold of the necklace. The dangling pendant will frequently feature not only precious and semi-precious stones, but even enamel work. The variety itself began when jewelers began adding lockets to the necklace.

Necklace Kasulaperu

While the name is seemingly redundant, this term is used to emphasize the tighter fit of the style, in contrast with the traditional lengthier varieties. This version, seen above, is seen as more modern and elegant. It is undoubtedly an ideal fit for the globe-trotting, elegant Andhra woman.

Antique Kasulaperu

Taking inspiration from the more ancient varities, this version is true to its name and is decorated with kundan (gem set with gold foil on mount) and stones. It is typically featured with a three string fuse pattern. Due to the intricate nature of the work, prices can reach as high as ₹7 lakhs.

Double Layer Antique Kasulaperu

This is the latest variety of the ornament. It features a bottom layer of large coins that are anointed at the top with smaller coins, imprinted with images of Goddess Lakshmi. It also features the antique work emblematic of the previous style, giving the best of both ages.

In conclusion, it is a piece of jewelry that is fashionable in every era. It is frequently called:

The Queen of Jewelry.

Cinema/Drama Trends


S.S. Rajamouli’s smash hit is truly a magnum opus that has swept all of India, South and North of the Vindhya. Indeed, much ink has already marked the proverbial paper, and a number of columns, cookie cutter top tens, and well-penned essays have made their mark.

Magadheera Poster.jpg

Magadheera-This 2009 blockbuster was the first big budget historical epic to utilize state of the art CGI from the same company that worked on the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. The Konidela-Allu Clan has managed to gain national attention with this hit. This trend for better produced, world class film holds great potential not only for Andhra but for the Indian film industry at large. APC looks forward to the Hindi version of Magadheera.

Dance Trends

Andhra Natyam

Often considered a synthesis of Bharata Natyam and Kuchipudi, Andhra Natyam is a distinct style of its own that has been growing in recent years. It has the “purity and complexity” of the former and the “grace and fluidity” of the latter. The costumes are very refined and delicate and the accompanying musical compositions are all in Telugu.
Dr. Nataraja Rama Krishna is considered the leading exponent and instructor in this distinctly Telugu style of classical dance.

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