Introducing New Blogger: Nilambari



Personal introduction is a rather difficult proposition because I suppose one has to take a mirror to oneself. It’s always hard to do that and therefore, I will keep it very short.

I am a citizen of Bharata desa and a person who has moved from avidya (ignorance) of being a confused person to someone who has some vidya (knowledge) and is more aware of who she is and where she comes from over the last few years. Today I believe I am a stakeholder in the continuation of our Bharatiya civilization because it has so much to offer the world.

My writings on this portal will only be a samarpanam (offering) to my mathru bhoomi, its age old civilization, and my ancestors who graced this beautiful and sacred land. I owe it to them to keep the fire burning. I hope I will be able to make a difference. Those of you who know me from Andhra Cultural Portal know that I am a proud Malayali, and will be discussing issues from my native Kerala as well. So join me for a filter kaapi or three!

Thank you to all who will read me. I hope I do not disappoint you.


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